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Administrative Exempt Vacation (Annual) Leave Reminder

Avoid Losing Accrued Annual (Vacation) Leave

Employees are expected and encouraged to schedule vacation time off on a regular basis in order to rest, relax, and have a change of pace. Regularly scheduled time off also helps keep annual leave balances at or below 240 hours. Annual leave can be accrued above the 240 hour maximum, but only until the first day of the leave anniversary month.

  • ANNIVERSARY MONTH: The month in which the latest period of employment in an annual leave-accruing position at CWU began. (See Section 6-60-010 (1) of the Exempt Employee' Code for a full statement of these provisions.)

PLEASE NOTE: Any annual (vacation) leave voluntarily accrued beyond the 240 hour maximum, must be used prior to the beginning of the ANNIVERSARY MONTH or it will be lost.

Leave Anniversary Month = November (you were hired into the leave eligible position any day in the month of November) 
Annual leave balance, including accrual for the month of October, as of November 1st must be at or below 240 hours. Any hours above 240, as of November 1st, would be deducted from your balance and may not be reinstated.
  • Example:

Leave balances can be found by signing in to MyCWU, selecting "Content", and then checking the "Employee Leave Summary" check box under CWU Dashboard.

It is your responsibility to monitor your leave balances and know your leave anniversary month. If you have questions about your anniversary month or annual leave balance, please be sure to resolve them before reaching the 240 hour maximum.

Questions concerning leave balances and anniversary dates should be directed to the timekeeper in your department. Policy or procedural questions may be directed to your Human Resources Consultant or call 963-1202.

Deferral of Use of Annual Leave

See the Exempt Policy / Procedures, Section 6-60-010 for the procedure for deferral of annual leave use. If you believe the needs of your department may prevent you from scheduling annual leave, causing your annual leave balance to exceed 240 hours, contact your area representative well in advance of exceeding 240 hours.

Donate Excess Leave

Washington Administrative Code and the Bargaining Agreements permit employees to donate some of their vacation leave to a fellow employee participating in the shared leave program. For more information on shared leave, contact your area representative in the Human Resources Office, or visit the HR website: here.

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