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Wendell Hill

Wendell Hill Hall located on the corner of Dean Nicholson Boulevard and Alder Street. Wendell Hill Hall, is a 476-bed complex, with 228 beds in building A and 248 beds in building B.

There are mostly upper-class students, but also some first year students. Wendell Hill provides suite style living, with shared double, 2-shared double with living area, and 4-single room style suite with living room. All residents have a toilet, sink, and shower available without needing to enter the hallway.

Each floor has a lounge with plenty of furniture and large flat screen TVs. Wireless Internet is available also.

Wendell Hill B is home to the Aviation LLC.

Floor plans of Wendell Hill:
Floor Plans (Building A)
1st Floor- 2nd Floor3rd Floor4th Floor

Floor Plans (Building B)
1st Floor2nd Floor 3rd Floor4th Floor

The four-story residence hall has four-person suites reserved for students in all class standings, but will have upper-class priority.

  • Convenient location
  • Wireless Internet in suites and lounges
  • Coed by random room
  • Three different suite/room floor plans
  • ADA accessible
  • Connection Card access to hall
  • Connection Card option in using laundry facilities
  • Large lounges for social gatherings
  • Multi-purpose room/academic space
  • A typical suite: carpeted with common use space, private bathroom, furniture provided

Wendell Hill Hall Mailing Addresses:
Building A:
905 Dean Nicholson Blvd.
Room #_______
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Building B:
1401 N. Alder
Room #_______
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Office Hours Daily:
7-8pm in the Wendell Hill Hall B Staff Office    
Residence Hall Emergency Evacuation Locations
In the event of an emergency we need all residents to check in with the staff at the emergency evacuation location for contact information and further instructions. Please proceed to the outside emergency evacuation location. If the situation deems it too dangerous to be outside you will be directed to the inside emergency meeting location.
Outside: Music lawn, south of Wendell Hill Hall
Inside: First floor lounge


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