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Sue Lombard News


Sue Lombard Hall is thriving with outstanding involvement and participation this fall.  Here are some updates from this past week:

- If you haven't been up the main stairwell to the third floor yet, GO, NOW!  Along with the 6 foot tall welcome banner, the Sue Lombardians have now added a 4 foot spider on a web right over the center banister.  Additionally, when you walk into the main lounge on the 3rd floor, you'll find hundreds of cutouts including leaves, rats, bats, and more, along with individually decorated pumpkin cutouts, and even a 3D skeleton to share a refreshing sip with at the drinking fountain.  Best yet, CWU Pride themed decorations will be added in the coming weeks in preparation for homecoming. 

- Great turnouts are a regular thing now with RHLC meetings, so come join in the 106 Lounge, Sunday evenings!

- LLC Stakeholder gatherings have kicked off with the Business LLC and STEP LLC gatherings taking place this past week including a few faculty from both to just connect with the students in a somewhat informal setting.  From dinners to courtyard hangouts/competitions, they were an enjoyable sight.  Education and Leadership can be on the lookout for their upcoming meeting times.


THE COUNCIL (Your home, your hall, your voice)

The Council is the perfect opportunity to meet people and get your voice heard about how and where you live!  Ask any staff member for more information or seek out any elected e-board member.


Small but mighty, Sue Lombard residents do the hall proud at the weekly meetings and you're always welcome to be a part of the memories.  RHA meets Wednesdays at 6:00 PM sharp in the Wellington Event Center, next to the ResLife Office and Barto Hall.  Along with providing your feedback on campus wide programs and events, you'll have a chance to express your interest in countless initiatives.  Currently, volunteers for the haunted house on campus (The Haunting at Central) and the zombie apocalypse simulation (Zombie Zone) are needed.  The cost to volunteer is nothing and the memories are those you'll talk about for years after college!


If none of this sounds interesting nor sounds like the right outlet for you, know that there are over 100 student ran clubs and organizations to join or connect with (  Better still, if you would just like to do something in the hall (e.g. decorate, host an event, start an initiative, recognize others) we'd love for you to talk to a staff member.  Along with encouraging you, we'll often provide supplies and sometimes funding to assist your ideas and help make sure they become a reality!



Weekdays - 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Mon-Fri - Call ResLife at 509.963.1323

Weekdays - 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM Mon-Fri - Call the Duty Phone at 509.201.6180

Weekends - 7:00 PM Fri - 7:00 AM Mon - Call the Duty Phone at 509.201.6180


Call 911 immediately



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