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Student Village News

Using the Multi-Purpose Room:

The Student Village MPR is available for general use during the regular school year.
During the school year, the MPR can also be scheduled for events or private use by contacting the Student Village Apartment Manager. For further details on how to contact Apartment Manager Please refer to pervious page, Student Village Homepage, under "MPR Usage" and How to "Contact Your Staff.​" 

Ongoing Programs

Fall Quarter 2015:

Open MPR:
Student Village MPR
EVERY FRIDAY from 8-10pm
*Come and enjoy this fun way to meet new people, watch movies, play games, and more!

Upcoming Programs

Fall Quarter 2014:

 The History of Halloween and Pumpkin Carving:
Tuesday, October 27th at 6:30 pm
*Pumpkin tools will be provided. Come and bring a friend to carve a FREE pumpkin, eat great food, and get into the Halloween spirit.
Oct. 28th @ 7 pm: Autumn Winds.
o Experience autumn from different perspectives!
o Crafts! Food! Pumpkin painting!

Kids Zone @ the MPR!

Thursday and Friday, October 29th & 30th

  • There will be a kids zone in the MPR from 6-8 PM with kid friendly activities and snacks. Guardians must be present.



Student Village Fall News!

WELCOME back!! Your Student Village Staff welcomes you and wishes you all a great fall quarter!
Office hours are CHANGED to Sunday-Thursday from 4-5 pm.
Call the Apartment Duty Phone Monday-Friday from 5pm - 8am and 24 hours a day on weekends for any questions/ concerns/ lockouts/ emergencies at (509) 201-6112.
If you are checking out:
1. Make sure you submit your 30 Day Vacate Notice.
2. Contact Ashleigh (Apartment Manager), to schedule your check out at least 3 days prior.
3. Make sure to clean your apartment thoroughly, to avoid cleaning charges.
4. Refer to 2015-2016 Apartment Reference Guide for further details.
        *How to contact Ashleigh: 1. Email
                                                                        2. Call apartment phone (509) 963-8603
                                                                        3. Call office phone (509) 963-8663  
                                                                        4. Come to office hours Sun.-Thurs. 4-5pm. 
Student Village Laundry

In order to insure a safe, clean, and functioning laundry facility, please abide by the following guidelines.

*Please remove clothes within 30 minutes of the end of the wash/dry cycle
*If clothes have been in the washer/dryer for more than 30 minutes after their cycle is complete, tenant may remove other tenant’s items if all of the other machines are in use and you are waiting for a machine
*If removing clothes, please respectfully place them on top of the machine that they were in
*Please remove dryer lint from dryer after clothes have been dried
*Please do not lend keys to non-tenant
*Please do not take items that do not belong to you
*For more information on laundry please refer to 2013-2014 Apartment Guide pg. 38

Student Village Waste
In order to maintain a clean and non-hazardous Student Village environment tenants are expected to dispose of their trash and recycling materials in provided containers in the proper areas.

Please do not leave garbage on stairwells, porch/patio areas, or areas outside the apartment door (please keep it clean & tidy)
Garbage can attract pests and rodents as well as unpleasant smells for neighbors
Leaving trash outside encourages also bug infestations, and can become a safety hazard (tripping, etc.)
Trash or recycling materials that are disposed of improperly and traceable to an apartment will result in a $50 fine and the cost of cleaning and proper disposal
For more information please read 2013-14 Apartment Guide
There are multiple trash and recycling areas located around Student Village, so please help keep Student Village Clean
Thank you for your cooperation

In accordance with state law, smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of all university buildings. This includes balconies and stairwells to apartments or public areas. Out of common courtesy, refrain from smoking near entrances and to properly dispose of cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles. Hookahs of any type are not allowed to be activated inside apartment spaces. Also, for those that use coals, it is reminded that used coals should not be brought into the apartments. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed to be used inside apartment spaces either. Tenants may establish further policies regarding the distance one can smoke from the buildings. Fines can be assessed to clean drapes for those who violate smoking policy. (Referenced from 2013-14 Apartment Guide pg. 54). 
Driving on sidewalks or access malls is only allowed during check in or checking our process (such as when you're moving in or moving out). Driving up on sidewalks or access malls is strictly prohibited at any other time. No motor vehicles, including motorcycles or mopeds, will be permitted to park on the planted areas of university property. Tenants may only drive on access malls with a mall permit which is available at Public Safety and Police Services or at a parking kiosk.
For upcoming programs, please look above. 





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