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Statement of Community

Living in a residence hall at Central Washington University means living in a community of students. This community is a dynamic place, composed of various people with different values, cultures, lifestyles, and attitudes. As members of the community, we must strive to understand the individuality and life choices of those among us. We can best learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and mutual respect. We must possess a genuine desire to learn from those around us as well as give others the respect and tolerance we desire. Each person has a role to play in our residence hall community and should be allowed to do so.

Central Washington University residence hall communities incorporate the following:

  • Education: to ensure that teaching and learning take place outside the classroom
  • Openness: so ideas and thoughts can be discussed freely
  • Respect: to ensure that the individual accepts obligations to the community and is held accountable for individual actions
  • Caring: to ensure that the individual's well being is supported and that community engagement is encouraged
  • Involvement: so that all individuals have a voice in decisions concerning their community
  • Ownership: to ensure that all individuals care for their building facilities and adjacent property
  • Celebration: so that Central Washington University history and culture is included and so that residence hall traditions are shared
Your rights in the community include:

To socialize in your room; to sleep and study without disturbance; to live in a supportive and stimulating community; to live in a safe, secure, healthy, and clean environment; to enjoy access to a variety of programs, services, and facilities; and to involve yourself and others in promoting an educational, open, respectful, caring, involving, and celebrative community.

Your responsibilities within the community include:

To consider the needs of other students in the community and balance them with your own needs; to promote care of the physical facilities, equipment, and services; to communicate with other residents and staff members to let others know when they are disturbing you; to demonstrate a commitment to the community by getting involved; to promote campus and individual safety; and to demonstrate dignity and respect for all individuals.

Living on campus at Central Washington University affords you many opportunities to face challenges head on, achieve in a variety of areas and grow as an individual. However, these things only happen when you actively participate and support the community ideals stated here.

Adapted from, "In Search of Community", Ernest Boyer, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.


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