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Resident Spotlight: Yasin Anwar, Quigley Hall


Yasin Anwar is a first year student living in Quigley Hall. He is majoring in Law and Justice. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Anwar came to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Bellevue, WA, during his junior year of high school. Now, while he has no complaints of the big city life that Brooklyn had to offer, he has found a home here in Washington State and has hopes to live and work in the Seattle area after he graduates from CWU. 

His hope for the future is to work in civilian law enforcement. He decided to follow in the footsteps of his brother, a Military Police Officer, by enlisting in the National Guard. Once enlisted, he became an active duty Military Police Officer (also known as an MP) in Afghanistan for about a year. A Military Police Officer is like any police officer but reports to military installations. 

It was from this experience that he felt like he was ready to tackle a career in law enforcement. Anwar also says his time serving helped him get ready to be a student. “It really made me mature,” Anwar said, “Because I remember in high school I was not a good student whatsoever, and it was good that I took a break before I went to college. It really gave me time to mature and get things right and look at the bigger picture of life.”

It was Anwar’s experience joining the armed forces that gave him the discipline and guidance to pursue an education at Central. When asked why he decided to apply to be a wildcat, Anwar said, “My commanding officer did ROTC before she served and she really pushed me to do ROTC. I researched schools and Central has one of the best Law and Justice courses in the state. One of my Sargent’s parents both went to Central for Law and Justice and along with the really good ROTC program it offers it made it clear I should go here.”

Anwar chose to live in Quigley after his visits during time on leave. One of his friends was living in Quigley. By the time Anwar decided to attend the university, his choice was simple. He knew the hall and even got to choose the same room as his friend. He now lives with his little brother. “It is nice because I have made friends in my hall, I have made friends with my brother’s friends, I have friends from high school and from ROTC. It is a nice community here and I am pretty happy about that.”

When asked about what Veterans day means to him, Anwar had this to say, “It is really important to me. A lot of people live their life as a routine without thinking of the freedoms that they have. A lot of countries don’t have that. Especially [after] being in Afghanistan. In March, I responded to a call about a Marine convoy that had been ambushed by a suicide bomber. So we lost those guys. Like, to me it’s important to remember those people who gave their lives and fought for their country. They were one week from getting home and their convoy got ambushed. So to me that’s really important to remember those guys, and to remember all that we take for granted.”  

This Veteran’s Day, Housing and Residence Life would like to thank Yasin Anwar and all veterans for their service.  When not in class or ROTC, you might just catch Anwar showing off his shoes as he has a passion for sneakers. His personal favorites are Jordan’s. While his Quigley closet cannot fit all of his pairs, he does his best to make room for his entire collection. 

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