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Parent and Family Programs

Hello CWU Wildcat Parents, 

As a CWU parent, you play an essential role in helping your son or daughter make the life-changing transition from being an adult “on paper” to becoming an independent, savvy, socially responsible citizen. Put another way, you’re not on the sidelines; you’re part of the team. Our job as educators is to give context to the lessons they’ve already learned from you.

During their journey toward independence we will get to know your son or daughter, but we will never know them as well as you. College life is rewarding and fun, but it can be stressful at times. This Parent Handbook outlines many of the support services available to you and your student, but make no mistake you are the ultimate support system.

We hope you will visit campus regularly, avail yourself of our wonderful activities and events, and support our efforts to make Central an even safer, more comfortable and attractive place to live, explore, and study. We also encourage you to share your questions, suggestions, and stories with us. It is our sincere privilege to help author this pivotal and exciting chapter in your student’s life.

Welcome to the team. If you have questions on any topic, feel free to contact Central’s coordinator of parent and family programs at 509-963-2735.

Congratulations on your choice of CWU and welcome to the Wildcat Family!

Mr. John Mounsey

Director of Orientation & Transition Programs

Housing and Residence Life



Parent Calendar (2019-2020)

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