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What is SYE?

SYE Program Mission

The Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) at Central Washington University provides second-year undergraduate students personal development and campus engagement through academic, residential, and co-curricular programs. The SYE program is committed to:

1. Create avenues for faculty-student engagement

2. Empower sophomore students to navigate the University’s systems effectively

3. Build community and peer support through campus involvement and experiential learning

4. Connect sophomore student’s strengths with academic success

5. Transition students into majors and identified career paths

Academic Success- A commitment to high achievement
CWU Sophomores will:
Choose a major and develop a plan for graduation
Major-specific opportunities to conduct and present research.
Use and serve as Learning Support Services

Campus Connections- Navigating and leading the CWU community
CWU Sophomores will:
Engage with faculty, staff, and their peers to receive support to meet their academic, occupational, and social goals.
Hold employment, service, and club leadership positions across campus.
Demonstrate awareness of the complex nature of human cultures and interactions on a personal, local, and global scale.

Service learning- Using our strengths to benefit others
CWU Sophomores will:
Engage in our community through service activities.
Demonstrate service learning through independent research, internship, and practicum credit.

Career Exploration- Finding passion and purpose
CWU Sophomores will:
Critically reflect on life experiences and apply them to the pursuit of career goals.
Explore career and post-graduation experiences through fairs, workshops, discussion, internships, externships, and job shadowing.
Engage in self-discovery through inventories and assessments that match their personal abilities to an intended career

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