Information to Choose Your Room for 2016-2017

  • Al-Monty, Barto, Beck, Kamola, Kennedy, Meisner, Sue Lombard, and Wendell Hill Hall

Students applying to live in an LLC/Theme Community are REQUIRED to have a faculty/staff signature on the completed application and submit it to University Housing in Button Hall.

Living Learning Communities for Upper-class Students

AviationWendell Hill Hall B
Casa LatinaMeisner Hall
EducationSue Lombard and Kamola Hall
BusinessSue Lombard Hall
MusicWendell Hill Hall A or Al-Monty Hall
LeadershipKamola Hall
ROTCWendell Hill Hall A
Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP)Kamola Hall and Sue Lombard Hall
Students for the DreamMeisner Hall
William O. Douglas Honors CollegeBarto Hall

Theme Communities

International HouseKennedy Hall
Environmental SustainabilityBeck Hall