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Information to Choose Your Room for 2015-2016

  • Al-Monty, Barto, Beck, Kamola, Kennedy, Meisner, Sue Lombard, and Wendell Hill Hall

Students applying to live in an LLC/Theme Community are REQUIRED to have a faculty/staff signature on the completed application and submit it to University Housing in Button Hall.

Living Learning Communities for Upper-class Students

AviationWendell Hill Hall B
Casa LatinaMeisner Hall
EducationKamola Hall or Sue Lombard Hall
Future Business Students Sue Lombard Hall
MusicWendell Hill Hall A or Al-Monty Hall
LeadershipKamola Hall
QUESTQuigley Hall
ROTCWendell Hill Hall A
Science Talent Expansion Program(STEP)Kamola Hall or Sue Lombard Hall
Students for the DreamMeisner Hall
William O. Douglas Honors CollegeBarto Hall

Theme Communities

International HouseKennedy Hall
Outdoor Adventure and Environmental SustainabilityBeck Hall