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Anderson Apartments

Floor plans for Anderson: 1st Floor2nd Floor3rd Floor

Anderson Apartments are located in the center of the active recreational and social hub of campus. These semi-furnished apartments have two bedrooms and are designed to accommodate up to three single persons. Two mobility-impaired accessible rooms also are available. The university provides utilities and telephone service. Residents of Anderson have developed a sense of community featuring residence hall living in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

How to Contact Your Staff:
Apartment Manager: Reilly Smith
Office: B1
Phone: (509) 963-7111

Office Hours:
Your apartment manager will be available for questions, concerns, and for scheduling check outs for one hour per day Sunday-Thursday. Please see hours posted on the office door.
Occasionally, office hours may be altered or canceled. Please look for notes posted on the office door.
The office is located on the first floor of B stack.

Anderson Hall’s Mailing Address:
1301 N. Chestnut St, Room# 
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Emergency Meeting Locations:
Inside: laundry room​
Outside: round about area in front of Anderson

There is a community lounge located on the first floor of B stack. The lounge is available for all residents to use. There is pool equipment, foosball, and a piano for resident usage. Please be courteous of others and respect the equipment.

If you are locked are locked out of your apartment, please do the following:
1. Contact roommates or family members first (if applicable).
2. If they are unable to let you in, contact your apartment manager (509) 963-7111.
3. If they are unable to assist you, contact Housing (509) 963-1831 during business hours (8:00AM-5:00PM).
4. If it is after hours or on the weekends or holidays, call the on-call manager at (509) 201-6112.
5. If you lost your keys, contact your manager to have your locks re-keyed ($35 charge).
*If you get locked out multiple times, disciplinary action may be taken*

Facilities are located on the first floor of B stack. Both washers and dryers are run by quarters. It is $1 each for a standard wash and standard dry.

Contact Facilities Management at (509) 963-3000 for any and all maintenance concerns. If they do not respond within a couple of days, contact them again.

There are dumpsters and recycle bins located outside of B stack. Please dispose of trash and recycling in the appropriate bins.

Please refer to your Apartment Reference Guide for policies and procedures. You are held accountable for the material in this guide.

Each quarter, your apartment staff organizes social and educational programs for all residents to enjoy. Look for flyers on your door and articles in the monthly newsletter advertising upcoming programs!

Public Areas:
Please do not leave trash, empty bottles, or trash on public areas. This is a safety hazard and may also attract pests and other undesirable things.

University Housing:
If you need any housing related assistance, please contact University Housing:
Office:  Button Hall
Office Phone: (509) 963- 1831
Office Hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday- Friday

On-Call Manager:
If you need assistance-such as if you're locked out, or if you have any questions or concerns after the University Housing Office has closed (from 5PM - 8AM Monday-Friday) and 24 hours on weekends and holidays, please call the on-call manager at (509) 201-6112.

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