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The Moore Hall Gender Inclusive Community is a housing option that seeks to meet the diverse and evolving need of our CWU student population.

As a member of the Moore Hall Gender Inclusive community I am willing to:

  • Respect my community members' different motivations for choosing this living option
  • Embrace and learn from experiences different from my own
  • Engage in civil and open conversation
  • Use inclusive and respectful language within and outside of Moore Hall
  • Consciously practice habits that contribute to a safe and welcoming living environment
  • Actively participate in the formation of the Gender Inclusive Community Living Agreement and ongoing community meetings
  • Contribute positively to the community by offering support and encouragement for the Moore Hall Gender Inclusive community
  • Support inclusive and diverse initiatives launched from within the community
  • Educate my guests about community expectations and values

Moore Hall is a wonderful building for upperclassmen. With suite style living, Moore Hall is a fun place to live. There are beds for 89 residents who are roomed with two other students. Each suite has its own bathroom and three separate bedrooms. Gender-inclusive living means that anyone can choose to live in a room or suite with anyone else, regardless of gender.

Please view the floor plans:
1st Floor - 2nd Floor3rd Floor

Moore is close to the SURC and within five walking minutes of many academic buildings.

  • Three person suites.
  • Accommodations for approximately 90 students.
  • Residents are sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on first floor.
  • Microfridge provided in each suite.
  • Beginning fall 2011, gender inclusive living accommodations.
  • Typical suite: approximately 550 sq.ft.; three bedrooms; common use area; restroom with shower; vanity with sink; furnished with beds, desks, chairs, and closets.

Moore Mailing Address
1300 N Walnut, Room#
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Office Hours: Daily from 8:00PM to 8:20PM
Residence Hall Emergency Evacuation Locations
In the event of an emergency we need all residents to check in with the staff at the emergency evacuation location for contact information and further instructions. Please proceed to the outside emergency evacuation location. If the situation deems it too dangerous to be outside you will be directed to the inside emergency meeting location.
Outside: Lawn to the west of Moore Hall next to International Center.
Inside: First floor lounge

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