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Kamola News

May 2014 Newsletter:

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Closing Information

It's been an amazing year and the staff still have a few cool things in store, but it is getting close to the time when we need to say goodbye for the summer. In order to help you be successful, UHNSP has developed a lot of information and guidelines. For information on your responsibilities for closing, please read the Bulletin Boards posted around the building and attend one closing community meeting.

Please also visit the Housing Closing page for information. This is also where you will be able to sign up for a check-out time and we encourage you to plan ahead. You will be able to schedule a time starting Friday, May 30th:

Housing Reapplication - still not too late!:

Want to return to the halls next year? Perhaps to an LLC that you've enjoyed participating in? Or just not sure where you're living next year and want to have something solid in place? Go online to apply for your housing on campus next year!

February 18: Same Hall Same Room

February 20: Same Hall Different Room

February 21: Program Changes (for specific residents who's current living area is assigned differently for next year)

February 25-27: Different Hall (see lottery schedule)

In addition, LLC spaces are held in many residence halls including Kamola and Sue Lombard. These spaces can only be taken by residents given permission to live in specific LLCs, or their specifically requested roommates:

Kamola 1st Floor: Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP) Living Learning Community

Kamola 2nd Floor: Leadership Living Learning Community

Kamola 3rd Floor: Education Living Learning Community

Sue Lombard 1st Floor: Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP) Living Learning Community

Sue Lombard 2nd Floor: Education Living Learning Community

Sue Lombard 3rd & half of 4th floor: Future Business Students Living Learning Community *NEW*

Non LLC Spaces are Kamola 4th Floor, and half of the 4th floor in Sue Lombard.

Afraid you missed your window? Not to fear! LLC spaces are held even after these dates, and you can sign up for a room later! You can also change what you've signed up for after the lottery has concluded!

If you need an LLC signature, see your housing staff or Faculty Advisor (listed in the Housing Reapplication booklet).