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Japan Goes Central

Monday, Sep 30, 2013
7:00 pm

Al-Monty Lounge

Program Description: Fifty-two sophomores from Asia University in Tokyo, Japan, are studying abroad at Central for five months!  Groups of Asia University students come twice a year to take part in the Asia University America Program (AUAP), and they always bring with them a wealth of energy and fun to share with the community!  Come join us in meeting a few of the AUAP students, playing Japanese games, and learning more about AUAP and what it can offer you.  Become involved in the Campus Friends Program to be matched and hang out with an AUAP student who shares similar interests, become a Classroom Volunteer and help out in English as a Second Language class, or join the AUAP Friends Club to meet other Central and AUAP students and do fun activities together.   Past Central students have been profoundly transformed by being involved with AUAP students—from going on to work for AUAP as an International Peer Advisor (IPA), visiting their friends’ houses in Japan, then studying or working abroad themselves, and eventually choosing an international career path!  Come spend a few minutes with AUAP and see what happens when Japan goes Central.

Presenter(s): Asia University America Program Students

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn about the Asia University America Program (AUAP)
  • Meet students from Japan and get a taste of their culture
  • Learn how you can become a Campus Friend, Classroom Volunteer, and International Peer Advisor (IPA), and how to join the AUAP Friends Club


Pillars Met:

  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Campus Connections
Event Type: 

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