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Move In Information Fall 2020


Important Information

Fall Housing FAQ’s

  • Why is CWU changing to suite-style single occupancy room only?
      • In order to support the safety of residents and staff, CWU Board of Trustees and President Gaudino determined that CWU would be reducing student density to apartments and single occupancy within suite style spaces.
  • I didn’t receive a residence hall room assignment as of yet and am in the queue to be assigned.  When will I learn if I am assigned a room?
      • Our staff is working hard on placing students who have requested housing and we will be sending weekly updates to students via their CWU e-mail accounts every Monday by 5pm.
  • I received a room assignment; however, it was not the room or area I chose originally nor is it close to my original roommate.   
      • We understand these times can be challenging, however due to the limited capacity of rooms and amount of students currently seeking housing, we were not able to accommodate many of the original room assignments. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any room moves until Transfer Day which occurs the third Thursday of the quarter. 
  • I did not receive a residence hall room assignment and have decided to stay home with my family, what is my next step?
      • You may cancel your housing application through your MyHousing Portal with no financial penalty, as long as you cancel your application before you are assigned a residence hall room. Please log into your MyHousing account.  Under the top menu items, select “Application” and the application for Fall 2020 (often marked “Returner Selection”, “Apartment Application” or “New Student Priority Selection”).  The next page “Application On File”, select the drop down arrow to “Cancel/Withdraw this application” and select “Submit”.
  • I received a residence hall room assignment, however I have decided to stay home with my family, what is my next step?
      • You may cancel your housing application through your MyHousing portal, however you will be charged the $200 cancellation fee (which is offset through your $200 deposit).  Please log into your MyHousing account.  Under the top menu items, select “Application” and the application for Fall 2020 (often marked “Returner Selection”, “Apartment Application” or “New Student Priority Selection”).  The next page “Application On File”, select the drop down arrow to “Cancel/Withdraw this application” and select “Submit”.
  • How will priority be determined in terms of who gets which space?
      • Housing and Residence Life will consider each space on a case by case basis taking primarily into consideration the student’s original application date and student status.
  • What will my space look like?
      • Students will be placed in an individual sleeping room that is attached or adjacent to a dedicated restroom.  The dedicated restroom may be shared with 1 to 3 other students.  Sleeping room/bedrooms may have one or two sets of furniture (which are not able to be removed).
  • Will I have to pay for a single room? 
      • All students will be assessed a flat double room rate of $7,145 regardless of the type of suite they will be residing in for 2020-2021. Students can review their selected meal plans on their MyHousing account.
  • Will I still be required to have a meal plan?
      • All students who reside in a residence hall will receive a meal plan.
  • Am I required to live on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year?
      • The live-on requirement has been waived for students admitted and enrolled in Fall 2020. You do not need to complete an exemption request if you are choosing to live off campus.  If you have filled out a housing application and need to cancel that application, you may do so online through the MyHousing portal.
  • Will I be assigned with the roommate I choose?
      • We are only able to offer single rooms for Fall 2020. 
  • What if I have extenuating circumstances and must live in a residence hall setting this Fall?
      • We understand many of our students call CWU their home.  Additionally, many of our students are still participating in face-to-face classes requiring them to live on campus.  While our number of residence hall spaces has been reduced, we will work with each student who needs housing to help them find a space on campus. Extenuating circumstances may include but are not limited to housing insecurity, foster youth, local employment, lack of technology or stable internet at their permanent home, and ADA accommodations.   
  • Am I guaranteed housing?
      • We know this time brings many uncertainties.  We are committed to housing any student who needs to have housing in Ellensburg, but it may take some time to work through the reallocation of spaces.  While we cannot guarantee housing, we are hopeful we can accommodate most students. 
  • Can I live in the on campus apartments?
      • Transfer and Sophomore and above students are eligible to live in the on-campus apartments. If you have an application and deposit completed, please contact Housing at to check the status of your application.  If you would like to submit an application, you can do so at your MyHousing page.  Apartments are assigned based on desired move-in date, type of apartment requested, and are not guaranteed.
  • Can I come to campus in Winter or Spring Quarter?
      • Decisions around Winter and Spring Quarter have not been determined at this time.  Our ability to offer additional students housing is dependent on safety considerations and under the discretion of CWU, local, and state departments of public health.
  • What will happen if there is a positive case on campus?
      • Housing and Residence Life is working closely with the University, local and state health departments to adhere to best practices and responses to COVID-19.  We have spaces dedicated to self-isolation and quarantine and are working closing with campus partners to respond to any student needs.
  • Will my original move-in time still stand?
      • Unfortunately, given the need to reallocate housing assignments, the original move in times published in July are no longer available.  We hope to have updates to students around mid-August with adjusted times.
  • Who will be responsible for cleaning my dedicated/suite style bathroom?
      • Students assigned to the suite/dedicated restroom are responsible for all cleaning of their restrooms. Please bring appropriate cleaning supplies.

Updated July 27, 2020

CWU’s Board of Trustees recently announced their decision to reduce the residential spaces available in order to provide a safer housing experience for students living on campus.  While we wish we could accommodate students in our normal occupancy amounts, we understand and support the Board of Trustees and CWU’s leadership in this difficult choice.


CWU Housing and Residence Life will be working to reallocate room spaces to fit this proscribed housing arrangement.  This may take some time and we expect to have an update to students by Monday, August 10.  We appreciate your patience during this waiting time.


We know that the current circumstances of Covid-19 have changed many student’s plans and hopes for attending CWU in person this Fall.  Please note if you would like to change your housing contract you are able to:

  1. First Year Live On Requirement: As of Monday, July 27, 2020, CWU has waived the First Year Live on Requirement for first year students enrolling Fall Quarter 2020.  No exemption forms are required for this exemption and you will not be required to fulfill the live on requirement later in your academic career at CWU. 
  2. Cancellation Fees: From July 27, 2020 through Monday, August 3, 2020 at noon, CWU Housing and Residence Life will waive all residence hall and apartment cancellation fees for those wishing to cancel their housing contract.  Students may log in to their MyHousing and revisit the application to cancel their housing application  if they wish do so.
  3. Contract Revision: If you are a residence hall student who has not completed their revised 2020-2021 contract (originally due July 15, 2020), please do so by Monday, August 3 by noon or unfortunately we will need to cancel your contract, refund your housing deposit, and release your room reservation.

We know you may have other questions about this announcement and what Housing and Residence Life is doing for students who are concerned about their on campus housing.  Please visit the list of FAQ's at the bottom of this letter.  We appreciate students and families reviewing the FAQs before reaching out to Housing to allow staff to work through the reallocation of assignments. We will also make this information, and any future changes, easily available through our housing website. 


We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented circumstances. We understand this information is difficult for many of you to hear as we know many of you are excited to make CWU your home away from home, but we hope you understand that these measures are in the interest of prioritizing the health and safety of our campus community. We wish you and yours the very best and look forward to your return to CWU.

For all CWU notifications visit:

Please take care wildcats and stay well.

Tricia Rabel
Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life


Fall Housing 2020 FAQs



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