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First Six Weeks Programming

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013
All Day

Who Am I & What Should I Do?, SURC 135 • 3 OR 4 pm

This workshop will explore the results of your Typefocus assessment. Learn more about your personality, interests, and values so you can make a better decision about choosing a major, spend less time in school, and save yourself a bunch of money!

Learn to be a Superhero, Beck Lobby • 7 pm

Have you ever observed someone being bullied or picked on but didn't know what to do? This session is an introduction to becoming an ally, most notably an ally for members of marginalized communities on Central's campus. This session is for everyone or anyone; from those of you who may be confused about how to help someone out without "saying/doing the wrong thing," to those of you who have ever been helped in a way that you didn't exactly find to be helpful. Within this session we all go over terms such as 'microaggressions,' marginalization,' 'ally.' 'privilege,' 'power,' etc. and give demonstrations/examples of these terms. We will also use art (poetry, music, etc.) as catharsis (artistic expressions of emotion in order to talk about how forms of self-expression allow for self/group healing. 

ABLE To See Beyond Barriers, Al-Monty Lounge • 8 pm 

This panel is designed to bring to light, for first year students, the reality of some disabilities in college life and in everyday society. Topics will include a variety of disabilities and some accommodations that may go along with them. We will talk about and challenge common stereotypes and discuss some appropriate ways to address disabilities in a respectful and inclusive manner. The discussion panel may be comprised of a mix of students, faculty, and staff members with both visible and invisible disabilities. Information will be available for those who want other on-campus resources.

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New Students

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