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First Six Weeks Programming

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013
All Day

Who Am I & What Should I Do?, SURC 135 • 3 OR 4 pm

This workshop will explore the results of your Typefocus assessment. Learn more about your personality, interests, and values so you can make a better decision about choosing a major, spend less time in school, and save yourself a bunch of money!

Pump Down the Volume, Wellness Center • 7 pm

This communication skills program will help students learn strategies for addressing problems and communicating needs and requests, in order to minimize conflicts and enhance quality of life. One of the major sources of conflict for students living in the residence halls involves noise. Students often ignore the problem until their tempers explode, or they go to the RA to complain rather than addressing the issue on their own. This is an interactive session presented by the Wellness Center; participants will role-play and discuss problem situations, and learn effective communication skills that can be used with irritating neighbors, or with anyone.

Beer, Bongs, Bullies & More, Hitchcock Lounge • 7 pm

Ever wonder what happens when your RA documents you? What about if you get an MIP? Do your parents find out? What if you see someone breaking policy and your RA isn't there? Did you know that you have certain rights as a student? Do you know what they are? Come learn the answers to these burning questions and more while playing a fun game of Connect Four with prizes!

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New Students

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