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First Six Weeks Programming

Who Am I & What Should I Do?, SURC 135 • 3 OR 4 pm

This workshop will explore the results of your Typefocus assessment. Learn more about your personality, interests, and values so you can make a better decision about choosing a major, spend less time in school, and save yourself a bunch of money!

Self-Care 101, Sparks Lounge • 7 pm

Navigating through your first year of college can be challenging. Mom and Dad aren't nagging at you to do your homework and clean your room, or yelling at your to go to bed; for most of your life you have had your own personal space and sharing can be the pits; relationships enter a new phase with a focus on "forever." How do you manage when it feels as if the walls are closing in on you and no one else understands? This session will present some techniques and tips for surviving and thriving on campus.

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New Students

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