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RHA Executive Board Members

Chloe Hildeman, President

I’m Chloe Hildeman, and I’m currently serving as RHA President. I have previously served as Secretary and have been involved with NRHH for the past two years. My goals are to create a voice for the students and facilitate the growth of RHA. I’m finishing up my degree in Public Relations and want to focus my career on working with social media. When not in class or working with RHA, I can be found playing video games and watching bad reality shows on TLC.

Aric Reyna, Vice President/National Communications Coordinator

Hey CWU, I’m Aric Reyna, the Vice President/ National Communications Coordinator of RHA. This is my sophomore year here at Central and both my second year with RHA and NRHH. My major is History Education and I want to someday teach high school history. I love tattoos, music and pizza. I’m very excited about what is to this year and hope to make an impact on myself and the campus.

Abigail Kostelecky, Secretary

Hey Wildcats! My name is Abigail Kostelecky, and I am the RHA secretary. This is my second year in RHA and my second year in NRHH. Before serving on the executive board I was the publicity coordinator for Stephens-Whitney. I am currently getting my degree in Com Studies and Advertising with the hope of one day doing some international work. In my spare time I like to collect rubber ducks, watch Sailor Moon, and listen to Elvis Presley.

Dylon Burger, Treasurer/Historian

Hey Central! My name is Dylon Burger and I will be the RHA Treasurer and Historian for the 2014-2015 school year. I am a senior here at Central and a Law and Justice Major. This is my second year in RHA and will also be my second year involved with NRHH. A few things about me is that I love music which includes playing the drums, I love the color blue, and I one day want to work as a US air marshal. I am ready and super excited for this year. GO WILDCATS!