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RHA Executive Board Members

Tonya Dickerson Hornback, President

I am the current President for the Residence Hall Association. I am in charge of the Leadership Committee focusing on leadership around campus and helping students develop their own leadership skills. I am a Senior this year studying Law and Justice with a minor in Math. I am actively involved in the RAD women's self defense class and I enjoy reading and Netflix in my spare time. I have previously served the RHA board as Treasurer/Historian and the NRHH board as the administrative Vice president. I have also previously been an RA and been fortunate enough to attend the PACURH conference with RHA. I'm excited to see what new and wonderful things RHA can do at Central this year.

Aric Reyna, Vice President/National Communications Coordinator

My name is Aric Reyna. I am a junior here at Central Washington University. I am studying History with a sports business minor. I enjoy extreme amounts of coffee and my favorite days are Sunday because of all the football that happens. GO Hawks! I am the Vice president/ National communications coordinator of the Residence Hall association. I handle all the conferences we as an organization attend and bridge the connection between Central and other schools in the country. My favorite thing about Central is the close community we have with every single student and that no body is above saying hello to one another.

Evan Catlin, Secretary

Hey CWU! My name is Evan Catlin, and I’m the Secretary for the Residence Hall Association. This is my second year in RHA as well as my second year in NRHH. Before serving my role as Secretary, I was the publicity coordinator, Vice-President, then President for Moore Hall. I’m getting my degree in Film & Video Studies with a specialization in Film Production with a minor in English Language & Literature. I hope that one day you’ll see my name in title credits of some popular science-fiction film. In my free time I love to make edits of films to create new projects entirely.

Kory Hollingsworth, Treasurer/Historian

CWU students! I’m a senior this year at Central, majoring in the Creative and Professional Writing specialization of the English Department. I hope to someday write screenplays and novels, later directing award winning films. Recently, however, I have been an RA in the residence halls, participated in RHA events and this year, became elected to the Treasurer position of RHA. In the coming year I hope to lead the RHLC’s in amazing programs as well as fundraisers to support the RHA body.