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RHA Executive Board Members


Tyler Van Sickle - President

Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Van Sickle and I am the 2012-2013 RHA President. This is my third year as an active member of RHA and my second year as an active member of NRHH. I was President of the Davies RHLC for two years, during which we won Hall of the Quarter four times in a row and hall of the year once. Over the past few years I have realized that there is nothing I love more than helping my team develop and improve. Now that my team includes all of RHA it is my goal to help everyone in the RHA general body grow as leaders. In my free time I am a martial arts instructor, leader and a huge nerd.


Kaitlyn Corwin - Vice President/National Communications Coordinator





Chloe Hildeman - Secretary

Hey RHA! My name is Chloe Hildeman, and I’m going to be filling the role of RHA Secretary for the rest of the year. This is my second year being involved in RHA and my first in NRHH. Before taking on the role of secretary, I served as the president of Moore hall, where I led the RHLC to victory in the fall 2012 quarter. Before that, I served as the publicity coordinator of Davies from 2011-2012. I’m currently working on getting my degree in public relations and someday want to manage social media for businesses. In my spare time, I enjoy reading comics, collecting records and watching bad wedding shows on TLC.


Rachel Knutson - Treasurer