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Davies Weekly

Davies Weekly


Who's on Duty?

Sundays: Jazmyn 216

Mondays: Jessie 337

Tuesdays: Joshua 316

Wednesdays: Curtis 237

Thursdays: Brandon MGR. APT. 


Weekend of 5/16 - 5/17: Jessie 337


Visit: for upcoming event on campus!


Join RHLC! Meetings are every Wednesday at 5pm in the lounge! They are always welcoming new members! 



Where are you going to live next year? 

CWU has a large selection to choose from! Including singles, doubles, suites, and apartments! Contact any staff member if you have any questions!


The end of the year is coming quickly!

Did you know you must check-out of your room 24 hours after you last final? This means if you last final is Tuesday at 1pm, you need to check out Wednesday at 1pm! All residents need to check out by Friday 6/13 at 5pm, unless they are graduating. If so, contact RHM Brandon. 

If you are graduating, see RHM Brandon as soon as possible! 

Start making those plans know, so you can check out on time!



Need Assistant?

Non-emergency contact the duty phone at 509-201-6135.

In case of an emergency call 911.  

Davies Hall Emergency Meeting Location is the Volleyball Courts.