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Davies Digest

Central Washington University will kick off a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Bassetties Complex starting in January of 2016. The complex, designed by Frederick Bassetti, has been home to thousands of Central Wildcats since the 1960’s. It is said that his inspiration for the Bassetti complex was the hilltop Italian villages that he visited as a teenager. His buildings were marked by the use of wood and other natural materials and a responsiveness to the surrounding terrain and views; a feature that can be seen in the lounge spaces of the East Bassetties.
The Bassetti Complex encompasses six residence halls: Beck, Davies, Hitchcock, Meisner, Quigley and Sparks. University Housing and New Student Programs will be partnering with multiple on campus entities to commemorate the anniversary with multiple exciting and educational events throughout 2016. UHNSP looks to tell the story of Bassetti and the namesakes of each building in the coming months. Residence Hall Coordinator Richard Mahler, new to the Central Washington campus, expressed his eagerness to get started on the celebrations. “It is exciting to have buildings on campus with such rich tradition and historical significance.” Mahler said. “Now it is time to tell the story of Clara Meisner, and all of the other Bassetties complex namesakes to preserve that legacy for another fifty years.”
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RHLC Updates:

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Hall Staff


Within the hall, there are a few different types of hall staff; Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC), Residence Hall Manager (RHM) and Resident Assistant (RA)

  • Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC)

    • An RHC is a professional staff member who has a minimum of a Bachelors degree and has had at least 2 years’ experience in Residence Life. They live and work within the residence halls.  They are here to support your academic, social and “home” experience. There is one for the East Bassetties that oversees Sparks, Quigley and Davies.
  • Residence Hall Manager (RHM)

    • An RHM is a student staff member who has been an RA for at least a year before taking this position and maintains a minimum of a 2.7 quarterly and cumulative GPA.  They oversee the RAs within their building and help you all get acclimated to campus life.  There is one RHM for Davies.

  • Resident Assistant (RA)

    • An RA is a student staff member who is at least a sophomore and maintains a minimum of a 2.3 quarterly and cumulative GPA.  They are here to give you the full on campus experience as well as be a role model.  There are 4 RAs within Davies, go meet them and introduce yourself!