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Community Service

Community service is a way for NRHH to give back to the community around us; a community, which has always supported and appreciated our club. Not only is community service directed towards putting positive activities and programs back in the surrounding area, but also to build a closer friendship with the school and city of Ellensburg. Community service offers members a chance to develop this relation. It is our way of saying thanks.

Here are few past community service events:

  • Locks of Love: This is an annual event that the chapter hosts on campus in the student union building. A local beauty school, Bluestone, comes in and donates their time to cut the donors’ hair. The donors are then given coupons for a free haircut to use at Bluestone.

  • Holiday Extravaganza:One of the centers on campus hosts an annual event called Holiday Extravaganza. This is an event that is put on in the Student Union building for children and their families in the community. There are various crafts and activities that are prepared for the children to do while walking through. Member from the Chapter volunteer their time to supervise a craft station to help out with the event.

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