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Community Living Agreement (CLA)

In an effort to encourage students who live in the residence halls to take ownership and responsibility for their living community, Housing and Residence Life has incorporated Community Living Agreements as a part of the foundation for residence hall policies. A Community Living Agreement (CLA) is a document that community members draw up together at the beginning of each year which enables them to become actively involved in developing the behavioral standards they will invest in, live by, and be held accountable for.

Each student, within the first few days of their arrival, will sit down with the members of their community and develop a set of value-based criteria that each person on the wing, floor, or stairwell will agree to live by. Additionally, the CLA will be revisited at the beginning of each quarter to allow for adjustments and changes. As each member of the community will sign the CLA, each member will be held accountable for the contents of the document that they had a part in developing.

The CLA's will include, but not be limited to: expectations of academic honesty, the creation of gracious space for students to express their feelings, opinions and ideas, abiding by University and State policies surrounding alcohol and drug use, safety, personal property, respect, and trust.

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