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Casa Latina

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Casa Latina LLC Location - Meisner Hall

General Description of the LLC:

Casa Latina is a Multicultural Living Learning Community offered by CWU through the University housing. Students with interest in US Latinos and Latin American heritage and cultures live in the same residence hall which is open to first year, sophomore, junior and senior students, pursuing different academic disciplines.

Casa Latina residents will be informed on the two major programs, the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies Programs (CLLAS) oversees: 1. The Latino and Latin American Studies Minor Program (LLAS) and 2. the Latin American Business Certificate. For more information, please visit our website at:

The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies (CLLAS) combines an interdisciplinary academic program with a community partnership initiative to engage CWU and the surrounding community in an intensive study of Latino and Latin American peoples and cultures.

Please note that registering in LLAS 102: Introduction to Latino and Latin American Studies is a requirement for Casa Latina Residents. LLAS 102 is a five credit course which can be taken anytime during the first academic year. LLAS 102 is the core course for the LLAS Minor and, at the same time, is an elective course to fulfill CWU General Education Requirements.

Whether you are interested in the LLAS Minor Program and/or the Latin American Business Certificate, or you would like to acquire more information on Casa Latina, please contact Dr. Daniel Beck.

Casa Latina Mission Statement:

Casa Latina offers a unique living intellectual and cultural experience to all its residents. Students get the opportunity to develop personal and professional relationships with their peers, Faculty and Staff of the Latino and Latin American Studies Program; get to actively participate in the diverse array of academic, social and cultural events coordinated in conjunction with the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies (CLLAS), and other CWU departments and organizations. Moreover, it offers its residents the opportunity to interact with other university Living Learning Communities, aiming to strength academic success and celebrate cultural diversity.

Casa Latina Vision Statement:

As a Living Learning Community, Casa Latina personalizes the university experience by uniting living and learning. It envisions the development of extracurriculur programs and activities that support students' intellectual curiousity, passion for learning, discovery and innovative academic and cultural goals that prepare them for life in the globalized community of nations of the 21st century.

Learning Outcomes:

Casa Latina aims to enrich the quality of students learning experience outside the premises of the classroom. Residents share their cultural values, integrating them with CWU, the larger living community. The academic, cultural and social experiences Casa Latina offers to its students, aims to achieve learning outcomes such as Academic Enrichment and Success; Career Vision for Work Opportunities; Graduate School Preparation; Knowledge on Study and Work Abroad Venues, Leadership Skills, Community Engagement Strategic Management.


As a Living Learning Community, Casa Latina personalizes the university experience by combining living and learning in a unison enrichment goal to ultimately succeed in life.

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact information:

Dr. Daniel Beck, Professor of Biology and Director - Latino and Latin American Studies
Phone: 509-963-2886

The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies can be located according to the following:

Department: World Languages
Office: Language & Literature 102
Phone: 509-963-1218

Applying to the Casa Latina LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the Casa Latina LLC first must be accepted into the Latino & Latin American Studies Minor. 

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