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Shaw Smyser Hall

Business LLC Location – Sue Lombard Hall

General Description of the LLC:

Become part of a community with the Business LLC where you get to live and learn with other students interested in studying business in our designated residence hall, Sue Lombard. The LLC will help provide the foundation for personal and professional success through various means of support including study groups, advising, and workshops. LLC members will also have the chance to participate in extracurricular activities, get to know faculty, and form lifelong friendships with other CWU students.

Mission Statement:

The Business LLC will create a dynamic community for students interested in business through forming connections, providing opportunities, programming, and fostering a supportive atmosphere.


Enrich the quality of students learning experience outside of the classroom through a purposeful, open, inclusive, and respectful community. The business LLC will facilitate growth with meaningful programming, exploration of personal inventory connecting to possibilities in business, a sense of belonging, and support.


  1. Explore academic and career possibilities within business
  2. Connect students with each other as well as people who work in the College of Business
  3. Involve students in business clubs to gain more real world experience
  4. Prepare students to enter the business world with professional development activities
  5. Host study groups to help students succeed academically

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be knowledgeable about careers and pathways in business
  • Develop good study habits and time management skills
  • Possess the skills to network and stand out to employers
  • Connect classroom and living experiences
  • Identify resources available on campus

LLC Faculty/Staff Contact Information:

Olivia Vester, Recruiting and Events Coordinator- College of Business

Phone: 509-963-1910



Applying to the Business LLC:

Students who are interested in joining the Business LLC first must receive permission from the College of Business.

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