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Brooklane Village

Brooklane News

Brooklane Village is located to the northeast of campus, and houses a mix of single students and students with families.

Brooklane Village apartments are located approximately 15 walking minutes from the campus core. The “cluster” arrangement provides a small community atmosphere that is appreciated by the residents. Apartments are available in duplex units or two-story units and some apartments have access for mobility impaired students. Wilson Creek, separated from the complex by a fence, skirts the edge of Brooklane Village.

A multipurpose building provides the residents with centrally located, coin operated laundry facilities. Outdoor play areas for children, as well as basketball courts, are provided. A large garden area is available where tenants may plant and care for individual vegetable gardens. Apartments are unfurnished (range and refrigerator provided). Utilities, except telephone service, are provided by the University. Tenants maintain the yard areas and sidewalks adjacent to their apartments.

Please view the floor plans: 

Typical 1, 2, or 3 Bedroom Duplex 
Typical 2 Bedroom 4-Plex First Floor - Second Floor

Approximate Sizes:

  • One bedroom — 520 sq. ft.
  • Two bedrooms — 630 sq. ft.
  • Three bedrooms — 740 sq. ft.
  • If you have any questions concerning housing, please contact University Housing at 509.963.1831 or by email at

Brooklane Mailing Address:
1900 Brooklane
Apt. #
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Office: Brooklane I-7
Typical office hours Sunday-Thursday 200-300 PM (subject to change)

STAFF:Manager: Josiah Benson Email:                    


Upcoming programs:

Please bear with us residents. we know that Brooklane has not looked its best lately but the panting process has begun. very soon it should be finished and look great! Thank you for your understanding.
Don't forget your keys! Did you know that if you get locked out three or more times you will be documented and could have to have a meeting with the Residence Hall Coordinator? Remember your keys!
The laundry room is a shared space so lets keep it clean! If you bring it in, bring it out. Throw trash in the appropriate receptacle. Don't leave clothes in machines for longer than 30 minutes after the completion of the cycle. If you do your clothes will be taken out of the machine and placed somewhere safe while the machine is being used.


the grounds crew will be mowing the lawns every Friday so please keep the areas in front of your apartments clear.