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Brooklane Village News

Contact Information

Duty Phone: (509)201-6112

Maintenance: (509)963-3000

Office Phone: 509-963-7041

Vehicle Reminder

A reminder that vehicles are NOT permitted on the grass unless they are with facilities or maintenance. The irrigation for the sprinkler system is near the surface and risk breaking if they are run over. Please keep your vehicles on the pavement.

Winter Tips

If you have the old fashioned double pane windows, leave on panel open about an inch to allow air flow between the panes. This will prevent the window from freezing shut.

Leave your apartment at 69°F for higher and leave the cabinet doors under your kitchen sink open to prevent pipes from freezing.

Brooklane Office Hours

Sunday through Thursday 8PM - 9PM

Friday and Saturday NO office hour

The Manager will be in the office (I-7) during this time unless otherwise noted on the door. Come by and say hi, or ask any questions you might have.

Please note that the Manager does NOT  live in the office. If you call the office phone and do not leave a message, no one will know that you called. Please leave a message if you are trying to get a hold of the Manager.


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