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Al-Monty Hall News

Al-Monty Hall News

Welcome To CWU, North Campus, and

Al-Monty Hall!

-The Weekly Update-
The Al-Monty Staff is ready for you arrival!


Looking for a great way to become connected to your CWU home? Looking for a great leadership opportunity? Then look no further than the Al-Monty Residence Hall Leadership Council (RHLC)!  RHLC is the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors and get involved! Check out the recruitment bulletin board upon your arrival to Al-Monty!

-Evac. Locations-
If there is a need to evacuate the building and you are in Al-Monty, please meet at the Al-Monty/Carmody roundabout. If you are in Kennedy, please meet on the Kennedy lawn.

Who are the Residence Hall Staff?

Resident Assistants:

Residence Hall Manager: Chelsea Olson