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Al-Monty Hall News

Al-Monty Hall News

Welcome To CWU, North Campus, and

Al-Monty Hall!

-The Weekly Update-
Only FIVE weeks left in the quarter! If you haven't started to think about how you are getting all of your stuff home that might be a good idea. Plan to take things you don't need and aren't using home on Memorial Day weekend. Look for our various closing bulletin boards around the halls in order to acquire more information of closing. You will need to check out with an RA.As far as our community goes, remember that we are one community. Stand up for something if it is not right, pick up trash you see on the ground, be respectful to people and property, and be nice☺. Please please please, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF AND DO NOT LEAVE THE LOUNGE A MESS!!!! This is our home, lets keep it nice.


Looking for a great way to spend a few hours Monday and Wednesday nights? Join RHLC!! It is a great way to get involved AND it looks awesome on a resume!

-Evac. Locations-
If there is a need to evacuate the building and you are in Al-Monty, please meet at the Al-Monty/Carmody roundabout. If you are in Kennedy, please meet on the Kennedy lawn.

Who are the Residence Hall Staff?

Resident Assistants: TBD

Residence Hall Manager: TBD