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As student leaders involved with NRHH, one of our main goals is to recognize people for the great things that they do. From a little note to say hi to providing a banquet at the end of the year, members are consistently coming up with new and exciting ways to recognize the students, staff and faculty that do so much for our university. Too often people walk through our lives doing great things and do not get recognized for them, but in NRHH recognition is our top priority.

Ways to Recognize PDF

Here are a few recognition programs we have created:

  • "Of the Week" Awards: OTWs are the easiest and most convenient way to recognize a student, club, program, community, etc. on the CWU campus for a specific week. OTWs are handed out at Residence Hall Association meetings as well as NRHH meetings. Completed OTWs are collected by the VP of Recognition every week and then distributed to the recipients the following week. (Of the Week Awards PDF)


  • "Of the Month" Awards: OTMs are a step above OTWs. OTMs are longer and go more in depth of what a student, faculty, or program has done to stand out for that specific month. To submit an OTM, please visit OTMs are due on the 1st of every month by 11:59pm. After all OTMs are turned in, the campus voting committee votes to select a campus winner for each category. These winning OTMs are then forwarded on to the regional level where they are voted on again by the regional committee. Finally, those winning OTMs are passed along to the national voting committee to be voted on again. In the past, CWU has been home to 3 National winning OTMs, 36 Regional winning OTMs, and 143 Campus winning OTMs.
    (Of the Month Awards Guide)


  • OTM Writing Sessions: OTM writing sessions are held several times every quarter. This is an opportunity for CWU students and staff to ask questions about OTMs, receive feedback on what they have written, look at the OTM Guide and it provides a time for writing.


  • Pillar Points: Pillar Points are used to help members keep track of their accomplishments throughout the quarter and year. The system was introduced to the Chapter during the 2010-2011 school year by our advisor, Mike Mierzwinski. Items for the General Body Expectations Agreement (GBEA) are used as a guideline of what is expected of the Chapter’s members. The Executive board sets a point value to aim for by the end of the quarter celebration. During this event, members who achieved the target points are recognized for their hard work. Previously, members were given a 12-inch ruler fall quarter for reaching the goal. If members consistently reached the goal, they would earn an 18-inch ruler and a yard stick. The rulers were used as a symbol to let the members know that they rule. As time marched on, the rulers got larger for the more they ruled. (Pillar Points PDF)


  • Honoring Our Professor’s Excellence: The HOPE Reception originated as a way for the NRHH members to show their professors how much they have made an impact in the CWU community. For the 2011 reception, University Housing teamed up with NRHH to award professors with locally crafted awards and catered desserts.

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