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LLC Frequency Asked Questions

What is a Living Learning Community?

Being part of a community is about making connections with others who have common interests. Community is about getting involved and contributing to something larger than yourself. Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at Central Washington University bridge students' academic interests with their residence hall living experience. Students with common academic interests live together in the same residence hall and develop personal and academic relationships with other students and faculty from a field of study. Students participate in out of classroom enrichment activities that support their academic pursuits. As noted below, some LLCs are connected to specific courses that students take together.

Why do students get involved?

Freshmen and upper class students enjoy living in a LLC because they live with students with similar interests and common academic pursuits. It provides them with opportunities to live, learn, and grow together in an environment where faculty and residence hall staff collaborate to create an environment supportive of students' academic pursuits.

How do LLCs differ from other residence hall living environments?

While all residence halls offer educational and social activities, LLC students with common academic interests reside in a specific residence hall and agree to participate in out of classroom enrichment activities that focus on an academic field. LLC students have greater opportunities to develop personal relationships with the faculty from the LLC's field of study. Faculty volunteer their time to collaborate with the residence hall staff to coordinate enrichment activities. All of the residence halls housing LLCs have professional residence hall staff or scholars in residence who assist with the daily operation of the LLC.

Do students receive additional benefits from living in a LLC?

Research has shown that students living in a LLC have better academic performance, greater sense of collegiality, enhanced personal development, increased intercultural experiences, and greater exposure to positive social environments.

Do I have to be sure of my major in order to live in a LLC?

With few exceptions as noted below, students do not need to major in the LLC academic field. Especially for freshmen, living in a LLC will assist students in exploring their academic interests and in deciding a major to pursue. Students appreciate the academic environment and mutual support the LLC offers within the residence hall. Students enjoy the out of classroom enrichment activities and the camaraderie among students and faculty with similar interests.

What LLC activities are offered to students?

The possibilities are endless! Faculty and residence hall staff collaborate to create both educational and social out of classroom enrichment activities. They use the LLC Mission Statement as a guide to meet students's needs; however, student input is necessary to ensure the activities are of interest and value to students. Activities occur in the residence hall, the surrounding community, and the region. Activities vary within each LLC. Some examples include day hikes, rock climbing, regional symphonies, lecture series, movie nights, theme dinners, guest speakers, museum visits, and community service projects. Students are encouraged to get involved in leadership roles to assist with the activities offered.

Is it possible to participate in a LLC but live in a different residence hall?

No. It is difficult for a LLC to develop when students do not live together. Logistically, it is hard to maintain communication among students, which makes it difficult for students to get to know other LLC students and stay involved. STEP and DHC are exceptions. Students can be a member of these programs and not a member of the STEP or DHC LLC. However, faculty in these programs strongly encourage students to live in the LLC. Students not participating in these LLCs will not live in Kamola Hall but reside in one of the freshmen residence halls.

If I live in a LLC, will I be too busy to focus on my academic or other interests?

No! Being involved in a LLC may actually enhance your academic performance. Two activities are planned monthly and vary in length depending on the activity. Activities are designed to fit into students' evening or weekend availability. The ability to balance academics and extra-curricular interests varies among students, so you are the best judge of how involved you can become in other campus activities and succeed academically.

How do I Apply?

Application Process
Complete the LLC section of the Room and Board Contract and indicate the LLC for which you are applying.