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Prof. Carroll Off To The Huntington For The Summer

CWU Assistant Professor of History Brian Carroll will be travelling to San Marino, California this summer for two months for a research fellowship at the famous Huntington Library.  The Huntington is renowned for its exquisite gardens as well as its collections in both art and historic books and manuscripts.  Prof. Carroll received The Robert L. Middlekauf / Mayers Fellowship which will allow him to finish the last of the research for his book manuscript, titled From Warrior To Soldier:  New England Indians in the Colonial Military, 1675-1763.  Prof. Carroll will be examining the Loudoun and Abercrombie collections at the library, the papers of two of the leading British generals of the French and Indian War (1754-1763).

Carroll's work examines the role Native American men played in the British colonial armies of the Northeast during the struggle for supremacy between the empires of Britain and France. While famously much of the fighting for the French was done by Native proxies and allies, much less is known about the use of allied Indian forces by the British during the colonial wars. From Warrior To Soldier examines Indian involvement in the military from the perspective of the Native soldiers themselves, many serving in special all-Indian companies, but many also enlisted as rank and file soldiers spread throughout the provincial regiments raised in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, as well as nearby Long Island.

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