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Graduate Faculty



Roxanne Easley (PhD, University of Oregon, 1997), Russia, Eastern Europe, L&L 100-I, 963-1877;



Chong Eun Ahn (PhD, University of Washington, 2013), Modern East Asia, Comparative Nationalism; L&L 100-O, 963-1290;

Jason Dormady (PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2007), Mexico, Modern Latin America, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; L&L 100-M, 963-1244;

Josué Estrada (PhD, University of Washington, 2021), 20th Century U.S., U.S. West, Pacific Northwest, U.S. Imperialism, Comparative Colonialism, Race and Ethnicity, L&L 100-C, 963-1656;

Lacy Ferrell (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2013), Colonial and Pre-Colonial Africa, African Education, Childhood, Health and Healing, L&L 100-L, 963-2344;

Daniel Herman (PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1995), U.S. Cultural History, U.S. West, Native American History, U.S. to 1900, L&L 100-K, 963-1755;

Melissa Jordine (PhD, University of Southern Illinois, 1998), Modern Germany, WWII, Military History, Holocaust, L&L 100-F, 963-1113;

Jason Knirck (PhD, Washington State University, 2000), Ireland, Britain, Modern Europe, L&L 100-J, 963-2422;

Marilyn Levine (PhD, University of Chicago, 1985), Modern China, Vietnam, L&L 100-E, 963-2017;

Amin Mansouri (PhD, University of Toronto, 2022), Islamic Sufism, Mongol Empire, Islamic Intellectual History, L&L 100-G;

Stephen Moore (PhD, The College of William and Mary, 2000), Pacific Northwest, U.S. Foreign Policy, Social Studies Education, L&L 100-N, 963-1454;



Kristy Magdlin, Secretary Senior, L&L 100, 963-1655;

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