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Mohammad Amin Mansouri

Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Mohammad Amin MansouriMohammad Amin Mansouri is an intellectual historian of Islam, focusing on the cosmopolitan exchanges of ideas and practices between various linguistic, ethnic, and religious communities in postclassical Islam. He particularly specializes in the developments of Islamic thought under the Mongols in the Middle East and Central Asia. He first studies at an Islamic Seminary and obtained degrees in Islamic theology and western philosophy. He then continued his education by receiving his second master's degree from the University of British Columbia and his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto (2022). He is currently working on his first book, tentatively titled "the Mongol World and Making of Cosmopolitan Islam." This book project rethinks several scholarly assumptions about postclassical Islam, Islamic intellectual history, and Mongol historiography. 


  • Ph.D., Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto (2022)
  • M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, University of British Columbia (2015)
  • M.A., Philosophy, National University of Iran (SBU), Tehran, Iran (2013)
  • B.A., Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, Ahvaz, Iran (2010)
  • Islamic Seminary, Ahvaz, Iran (2006)

Peer-Reviewed Papers

  • Mansouri, Mohammad Amin, “Walāya between Lettrism and Astrology: The Occult Mysticism of Sayyid Ḥaydar Āmulī,” Brill Journal of Sufi Studies, 9 (2021), 161-201 (Word count: 19,636).
  • Mansouri, Mohammad Amin, “The Sea and the Wave: A Preliminary Inquiry into Sayyid Ḥaydar Āmulī’s Ontological Criticism of Ibn al-ʿArabī,” The Journal of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society, no. 68 (2020): 75-116 (Word count: 10,556).
  • Mansouri, Mohammad Amin, “Sayyid Ḥaydar Āmulī and Early Ismailism,” Under peer-review by Studia Islamica, (Word count: 20,757).

Book Reviews

  • Mansouri, Mohammad Amin, review of Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi's “La preuve de Dieu: La mystique Shi'ite à travers l'oeuvre de Kulaynî, IXe-Xe siècle,” Journal of Shiʿa Islamic Studies, 12 (2019): 135-39.
  • Mansouri, Mohammad Amin, review of The Highest Poverty: The Monastic Rules and Form-of-life, by Giorgio Agamben, Symposia: The Journal of the Department for the Study of Religion, 7 (November 2015): 34-36.
  • Mansouri, Mohammad Amin, review of William C. Chittick's The Repose of the Spirits: A Sufi Commentary on the Divine Names, Journal of Sufi Studies (2022): 137-140.

Areas of Specialization

  • Islamic Sufism
  • Mongol Empire
  • Islamic Intellectual History


  • World History to 1500
  • History of Islamic Civilizations and Muslim Cultures
  • Magic and Occultism in Islam
  • Religion and Science
  • Pilgrimage: From Idea to Practice
  • Magic, Spirituality, and Global Modernity

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