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Marilyn Levine


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Current Research


Current research involves transcription of Chinese for 64 digitized audio files that cover over 58 hours. There are three tiers of interviews and discussion, that were conducted in 1985 and 1990:
1. Interviews of Chinese political participants in Europe during the 1920s
2. Chinese Scholars Conversations and Interviews
3. Tsinghua University Conversations and Lectures

Zhao Shiyan (1901-1927), first Secretary of the European Branch of the Chinese Communist Party. A historical introduction

Below is a brief Project Summary, Introductory Materials, and a brief downloadable document, "Chinese Voices" that gives some interview excerpts. More information will be published here in the coming months, including a summary table of the interviews.
Access to searchable database notes from the French archives, and  information on other resources can be found on the Archival Research section of this Web site.                          

Chinese Conversations Project - Project Summary

Chinese Conversations Project - Introductory Materials

Introductory materials includes excerpts from:
The Guomindang in Europe: A Sourcebook of Documents by Marilyn Levine and Chen San-ching. (Berkeley: University of Calif. Institute of East Asian Studies, 2000)
The Found Generation: Chinese Communists in Europe During the Twenties by Marilyn Levine (Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1993)

A historical introduction

Introduction to nine archives in Europe and Asia
Comparative chronology
Brief group and biographical summaries
A biographical glossary of over 1,100 names
A selected bibliography

    Chinese Voices    

We will soon upload a document that includes very brief biography, photos, transcription excerpt and audio excerpts for several interviewees.

Chinese Voices


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