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Chair's Report for 2011-12


Congrats to History majors who won scholarships for 2012-13 are Ashlee Godwin, Sheena Wildes, Sara Carswell and Elizabeth Holbrook-Bruns.

Sheena Wildes won the College of Arts and Humanities Outstanding Student award.

Kat Graham won the Raymond Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship.

The Barto Tuition Award went to Elise Holbrook-Bruns.

The Clareta Olmstead Smith award of $5000 went to Ashlee Godwin.

The Paul LeRoy scholarship of $3000 went to Sheena Wildes.

The Study Abroad scholarship went to Sara Carswell for study in England next year.

Students who presented research at CWU’s SOURCE conference were Ashlee Godwin, Justin Ellis, Aaron Miller, Scott Miller, Cole Mitchell, Loredana Ribera, Alyssa Roundtree, and Liz Woodard.

Students who presented research at the regional Phi Alpha Theta conference in Spokane were Cole Mitchell and Sheena Wildes

Brian Davis served as History Club Senator.

Student officers in the History Club included Brian Davis (representative to Student Senate). Elected for next year is:

Students who were initiated into Phi Alpha Theta honor society were 28: Christine Bartholet,

Rebecca Hastings, Danielle Kuehn, Zachary Armstrong, Sara Carswell, Erin Marie Chenvert, Brian Davis, Leah Fadenrecht, Ashlee Godwin, Catherine Graham, Ryan Gregson, Elise Holbrook-Bruns, Marissa Hopkins, Corey Jaenicke, Everett Lamers, Thomas Little, Daniel Mailhot, Cole Mitchell Robert Moser, Daniel Roddewig, Tim Rodgers, Erik Serverin Rudie, Kelsee Shearer, Rachel Smith, Sheena Wildes, and Brock Wolitarsky, Kaya Salvajeno, and Tessa Yeamans.


Rebecca Hastings won the College of Arts and Humanities Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Amy Erickson was nominated for the CWU campus prize for Best MA Thesis. She was president of the History Club.

Graduate student served as officers of the History Club: President Amy Erickson, vp Chris Zuver, treasurer Kris Owens, secretary Phil Herman, club senator Luke Prpich. At the May election for 2012-13 officers, Kris Owens was elected as president of the History Club, vp Aaron Steeves, secretary Rebecca Hastings, treasurer Christina Bartholet, club senators Danielle Kuehn and Talea Anderson, and Academic Senator Brian Davis once again.

Completing their MA degree this year are Julia James, Amy Erickson, Skyler Cuthill, and Lucas Prpich.

Teaching Assistants for this year included Lucas Prpich, Amy Erickson, Valry Hensel, Phil Herman, Kris Owens, Stacy Parker, and Rebecca Hastings.

Graduate students who participated in the Phi Alpha Theta regional conference were Amy Erickson, Lucas Prpich, Christopher Zuver Danielle Kuehn, and Kris Owens.

Graduate students who presented their research at CWU’s SOURCE conference were Talea Anderson, Amy Erickson, Rebecca Hastings, Kristopher Owens, Luke Prpich.


Dr. Randy Dills has taken a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of History at University of Louisville, KY. His Ph.D. is in Russian history.

Dr. Aaron Goings has taken a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of History at St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA. His Ph.D., from Simon Fraser University, is in US History. He has co-edited a book on labor radicals

McKayla Sutton won the “Past Presidents’ Award” for best graduate student paper at the 2012 American Conference for Irish Studies.


African History Opening for September. Applicants should apply on CWU's Human Resources website.
Adjunct Ken Munsell won the residence hall's 2012 HOPE award, "Honoring Our Professor's Excellence."

The department is conducting a search for an African historian for 20120-13.

Dr. Jason Dormady joined the history department and has added new courses to the curriculum, including Latin America through Art, Film and Music.

Dr. Brian Carroll was hired as an Assistant Professor for 2012-13. He received awards to conduct research at the Henry E. Huntington Library in summer 2012 and also the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. Steven Moore enjoyed a sabbatical in 2011-12 and completed a manuscript entitled, “

Dr. Roxanne Easley won the College of Arts and Humanities summer research award to explore the biography of “Mikhail Saltkov-Shchedrin.” She is communications officer of the United Faculty of Central.

Dr. Jason Knirck squired the Phi Alpha Theta competitors to the Spokane regional conference in May. He attended conferences of the American Conference for  Irish Studies in New Orleans. He is a member of the executive board of United Faculty of Central.

Dr. Daniel Herman signed a contract to write a US history textbook with x Publishers. He published Afield in America,  Honor and Conscience and regular columns for the Ellensburg Daily Record. He signed a contract with University of New Mexico Press, who will publish INDIANS of the SW in autumn.

Dr. Karen Blair completed fifteen years as department chair. She is the union steward for the Department of History.

College of Arts and Sciences Dean Marji Morgan was awarded a Distinguished Faculty award from the CWU Empowerment Center at their March banquet.

Provost and historian  Marilyn Levine brokered an exchange program for student teachers in Macao U.

Senior Lecturer Ken Munsell won the HOPE (Honoring Our Professor’s Excellence) award from the Residence Hall students.

Lecturer Chad Garcia offered a hybrid course in Early China. He defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Washington in May and signed on to teach Asian History and Middle East courses at CWU in 2012-13.

Lecturer Constanze Weise offered an online course in African history in spring.

Lecturer Ian Stacy published an article from his dissertation-in-progress, “  .”

Lecturer Al Miller passed his comprehensive exams at University of Washington and now embarks on doctoral dissertation research.

Ian Stacy and Al Miller won a competition for support to prepare a new course for the Douglas Honors College for 2012-13.


Dr. Zoltan Kramar hosted a May presentation by Dr. Z. Hanto,  historian from Budapest, who spoke on her newly-translated book on the Communist appropriation of private property in post World War II Hungary.

Dr. Larry Lowther participated in the regional History Day competition as judge in Yakima and the State History Day competition as judge at Bellevue College.

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