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Student Centered High Impact Practices

Summer Institute

Approximately 60 CWU faculty and staff members attended the 2013 Summer Institute on High Impact Practices.

Over the two days of June 21 and June 28, participants engaged in conversations around

  1. The benefits of HIPs,
  2. How to increase collaboration in HIPs, and
  3. The role of intentionality in program design.


Here is a brief program of events followed by resources relating to the summer institute.

AAC&U Resources

  1. High Impact Educational Practices by George Kuh
  2. The LEAP Vision for Learning
  3. VALUE Rubrics
  4. Faculty Engagement with HIPs (PowerPoint presentation)


Institute Presentations

  1. Introduction to HIPs (Kara Gabriel & Stuart Boersma)
  2. HIPs at CWU (Jenna Hyatt)
  3. Writing and Learning Communities (George Drake)
  4. Building a Diverse Community (Kandee Cleary)
  5. Developing an Intentional Undergraduate Experience (Stuart Boersma & Jason White)

CWU's Essential Learning Outcomes: What should these be?

  1. Perhaps these are the core themes/objectives in the CWU strategic plan.
  2. Perhaps these include the four pillars of student success found in the First Year Experience orientation program (anyone have a copy?).
  3. Perhaps these include the General Education Goals. [The newly adopted General Education Outcomes do not appear to be available on the website. Anyone have a copy to share?]