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Vince Nethery - Scholarship and Research

Active involvement in scholarship and research enhances both faculty and student learning in a number of ways. Direct involvement of faculty in research demonstrates to students that faculty are passionate about the subject matter they teach. Faculty can readily share the outcomes of their research in the teaching of relevant concepts. Furthermore, they are able to keep abreast of latest developments through the sharing of ideas with professional colleagues. Scholarly active professors are able to bring the latest information to the students in the classroom.

In addition to the aforementioned, the direct involvement of students in the research process is an important part of their learning. For most, this exposure entails participating in laboratory experiments where the student often acts as both a tester and the subject. For example: one laboratory for physiology of exercise involves assessment of metabolism and the proportional contributions of lipid and carbohydrate oxidation to whole-body energy production. Data are collected, summarized, results/outcomes reported, and conclusions drawn.

Where appropriate, students, especially at the graduate level, are integrally involved in many areas of the research process. They are actively mentored through all phases from design and subject recruitment, to data collection, statistical analysis, and the scientific writing of reports.

The following list highlights the research and scholarship activities I have been directly involved with. I am committed to continuing involvement in research and firmly believe it is an important, indeed essential, activity for the college teaching professional.


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