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Health Sciences

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Paramedicine Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing is an option for currently certified and practicing paramedics to earn their Bachelor of Science in EMS Paramedicine at Central Washington University. This option is made available only for currently certified paramedics who reside in a state that participates in online instruction with Washington State and who received their education from and accredited institution (CoAEMSP). To determine if your state of residence is a participating state, please visit:


Admission Procedures

Students seeking Advanced Standing with the EMS Paramedicine Program should complete each of the following steps in their prescribed sequence:

  1. The prospective student shall apply for admission to Central Washington University and satisfy all necessary paperwork, transcripts, fees, and requirements for admission
  2. The admitted student should complete all orientations, establish all necessary accounts, and satisfy all transfer requirements, if applicable
  3. To be eligible for matriculation in the Advanced Standing Program Major, the admitted student must complete the General Education requirements prior to enrolling in courses of the major. General Education requirements may also be satisfied with the appropriate Associates Degree for transfer. General Education and other non-major aspects of graduation are determined by General Academic Advising and Degree Checkout, not the EMS Paramedicine Program. For more information about General Education requirements, click here.
  4. The admitted student shall then apply to the EMS Paramedicine Program for acceptance into the Advanced Standing status and satisfy all requirements, documentation, and fees to the program. Failure to attain acceptance in the Advanced Standing status of the EMS Paramedicine Program does not preclude the student from seeking an alternative major nor will it result in a refund of any admission fees or incurred costs from the univeristy.


Application Packet

Advanced Standing Application Packet (doc)

Advanced Standing Application Packet (PDF)



The breakdown of credits awarded and credits earned are illustrated below.

Quarter Course Credits
Summer EMS 490 -  EMS Cooperative Educational Internship 12
  EMS 444 -  12 lead Cardilogy 4
  EMS 440 -  Medical math & Terminology 2
  UNIV 401 - Culminating Exerperience 1
Fall EMS 430 - Problem-based Learning - I 4
  EMS 455 - Introduction to Pathophysiology 3
  EMS 460 - Research in EMS - I 3
  EMS 465 - Educational Methodoligies in EMS 3
  EMS 445 - Advanced 12 lead cardiology 4
  EMS 498 - Study Abroad Australia 4
Winter EMS 431 - Problem-based Learning - II 4
  EMS 456 -  Pathophisology II 3
  EMS 444-  12 lead cardiology 4
  EMS 461 - Research in EMS II 3
  EMS 471 -  Advanced Topic & Lab Values 3
  EMS 470 - Current Topics in Emergency Medicine 3
  EMS 481 - Quality Improvement and Administration in EMS 3
  EMS 475 - EMS & Terrorism 3
Spring EMS 465 - Educational Methodologies in EMS 3
  EMS 482 - System Analysis of EMS 4
  EMS 485 - Strategic Planning for EMS 3
  EMS 457 - Pathophysiology III 3
  EMS 445 - Advanced 12 lead Cardiology 4
  EMS 488 - Health Policy in EMS 3
  EMS 489 - Leadership in EMS 3
  Total Credits in Major Earned: 64
  Total Credits in Major: 105

*Note: EMS 490 – Cooperative Education Internship is intended for Advanced Standing students only.



Patrick Coffey
Academic Advisor for Health Sciences
(509) 963-3580

Douglas Presta
Program Director for EMS Paramedicine
(509) 963-1379

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