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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Master of Science: Integrative Human Physiology

The master of science degree in Integrative Human Physiology integrates knowledge from multiple sciences including anatomy, physiology, physics-mechanics, biochemistry-metabolism, exercise physiology, nutrition, and statistics to advance understanding of human function including movement, disease, aging, environmental stressors, physical injuries, and ergogenic aids.

Program Offerings:

1-Year Master's Degree


For students considering health careers in clinical settings, this concentrated degree will enhance knowledge and skills and the likelihood of acceptance into various post-baccalaureate professional healthcare programs such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, Accelerated Nursing, Chiropractic Medicine, Prosthetics, and other healthcare arenas.

For Fall 2023 Admission





2-Year Master's Degree


Built around a strong research component, this degree is oriented for students seeking a Ph.D., seeking a research and/or teaching position in higher education, or seeking admission into a range of post-baccalaureate health care programs.

Assistantships Awards ($20k+) are available.

For Fall 2023 admission



Admission requires an awarded degree in a relevant major.  Those with degrees in physiology, exercise physiology, biology, exercise science, biomechanics, chemistry, nutrition, or health sciences, are encouraged to apply. Courses encompassing anatomy, physiology, physics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, biology, chemistry, statistics, and nutrition are strongly recommended at the undergraduate level.


Application to the Master’s Program:


Two options exist for completing the Application for Admission to Graduate Programs at CWU.

  1. Use CWU's online application. When you go to the application page, make sure you pick the option of "Graduate Student (Domestic/International)". This is the link accessed from the photo at the bottom right-hand side of the page. If you get an error, please try a new browser without browsing history. You cannot access the application if you are already in myCWU.


  1. Submit a paper-based application by downloading and completing the Graduate School application.


Regardless of whether you use the online or paper application, be sure to include all of the materials listed in the IHP application packages. If you decide to submit a paper-based application, please make sure to use the latest Graduate school application form provided by the Graduate School. We added the form for your reference to the packages below.


1-year master’s degree Application Package 




2-year master’s degree Application Package



The 2-year program application requires a scientific writing sample.
The topic this year is: Exercise and the metabolic syndrome

(See the 2023 IHP Application Package)



Please place your name on every page of every document. Materials submitted in support of your application cannot be returned nor will they be released for other purposes. There is a non-refundable fee of $75.00. You may be eligible to apply for an Application Fee Waiver.



Preferential consideration for Assistantship Awards valued at $20k+ will be given for completed applications received prior to January 15th, 2023.

Graduate Assistantships are available to outstanding graduate candidates. Students assist with research and instruct in clinical physiology, exercise science lectures, and laboratory classes.


Graduate Faculty in Integrative Human Physiology


Tim Burnham, Ph.D., Oregon State University, 2000
Quality of life for cancer survivors; clinical populations; cross-country skiing physiology; thermoregulation

Leo D’Acquisto, Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1993
Aging and human function; physiology, mechanics, and energetics of aquatic and land-based exercise; gross anatomy,

Jared Dickinson, Ph.D., Ball State, 2009
Muscle physiology; clinical physiology; exercise physiology; aging

Vince Nethery, Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1989
Clinical physiology-metabolic disease; environmental physiology; aging; muscle physiology

Karen Roemer, Ph.D., Chemnitz University of Technology, 2004
Balance, aging, and lower extremity biomechanics; sport biomechanics - volleyball, walking, running, and rowing

Eric Foch, Ph.D., University of Tennessee 2012
Clinical biomechanics – running injuries; motor control and balance

Kelly Pritchett, Ph.D., University of Alabama, 2008
Nutrition and athletic performance; eating disorders in athletes

Robert Pritchett, Ph.D., University of Alabama, 2007
Spinal cord injuries – human performance; environmental physiology; nutrition, hydration, and athletic performance

Ana Paula Freire, Ph.D., Sao Paulo University, 2018
Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation; exercise for clinical populations; methodological quality in Health Sciences



Karen Roemer Ph.D., IHP Program Director

Department of Health Sciences
Central Washington University
400 East University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7572




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