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Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff



  • Ethan Bergman, PhD., RDN, CD, FADA, School Meals, Child Nutrition
  • Leonardo J. D’Acquisto, Ed.D., Sport Physiology, Kinesiology, Human Anatomy
  • David L. Gee, Ph.D., Nutrition & Metabolism, Nutrition and Chronic Diseases, Sports Nutrition
  • Susan Hawk, Ph.D., R.D., Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition
  • Keith Monosky, PhD, MPM, EMT-P; Emergency Medical Services, Analysis of EMS Systems, Community Paramedicine, and Health Policy
  • Vincent M. Nethery, Ph.D., Clinical Physiology, Sport Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Human Anatomy
  • Timothy R. Burnham, Ph.D., Clinical Physiology, Sport Physiology, Human Anatomy
  • Melody Madlem, Community / Public Health & Public Health Education, Pre-Nursing

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors



  • Bryan Contreras, M.S., Instructional & Classroom Support Technician- Clinical Physiology & Exercise Science
  • Lucinda Engel, Instructional Classroom Support Technician - Food Science
  • Jan Clark, Health Sciences - Secretary Supervisor

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