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Dietetic Internship

Central Washington University (CWU) offers an accredited Dietetic Internship (DI) Program through the Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences. The Dietetic Internship is currently granted continuing accreditation by Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606-6995, 312-899-0040 ext. 5400. This program provides:

  • A Certificate of completion of performance requirements for entry level dietitians through a 1200+ hour supervised practice and didactic experience
  • A Concentration in Community Nutrition
  • Accredited supervised practice program experience required to become a Registered Dietitian
  • Graduates are eligible to take the examination to become a Registered Dietitian administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

Masters of Science Degree

Central Washington University's DI Program is affiliated with its graduate program in nutrition. The 23 course work credits earned in the DI Program can be applied toward an MS degree with an emphasis on Nutrition and Dietetics following admission and acceptance into graduate school but is not required. This process can be completed during the spring of the Dietetic Internship. A minimum of 45 credits and completion of a thesis or project is required for completion of an MS degree. Graduate assistantships are available and require a separate application process. GRE scores are required for admission to the graduate program as well.

CWU Dietetic Internship Mission

The mission of the CWU DI is to prepare competent entry level dietetic practitioners by providing academic and supervised practice experiences that satisfy the requirements for eligibility to take the exam to become a registered dietitian and promote the development of life-long learners.

The Dietetic Internship experience, in conjunction with the course work, provides a foundation for clinical application. Our program incorporates theory and practice to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to the practice of dietetics in accordance with the Standards of Practice in Nutrition Care for the Registered Dietitian and supports the learning and training environment to meet the needs of the preceptors and dietetic interns. The course work provides advanced study in nutrition, biochemistry, clinical and community nutrition, food systems management, and research. Therefore, the graduate is prepared to function as a competent entry level dietitian and obtain employment in dietetics-related fields.

View Program Goals and Outcome Measures HERE

Detailed Program Policies & Procedures HERE

Community Nutrition Emphasis

The Community Nutrition emphasis builds on the routine activities of the WIC clinics and the School Food Service rotations. Interns work in the community to establish collaborative relationships and provide nutrition and health information to the community at large. They actively participate in community health/wellness groups, present public presentations on health and wellness, and plan and implement National Nutrition Month programs along with a large event involving numerous community partners. Community partners and the Dietetic Interns provide fun physical activities and healthy nutrition messages to event attendees. In 2006, the event drew 40 community members as participants and grew to 1700 participants in 2012. Each year the event reaches a more diverse population of individuals. 

Dietetic Internship Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree from a US regionally accredited institution
  • Verification of DPD completion or declaration of intent to complete DPD program with DPD completion date within the last fiver years
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher (4.0 scale) in DPD courses and overall
  • A strong background in sciences and evidence of ability and willingness to work productively are expected for admission to the Dietetic Internship. Experience, whether paid or volunteer, in clinical nutrition, food service management, or community nutrition is highly desirable.
  • Intern applicant finalists will be evaluated in a short interview conducted by telephone or electronic media.

Dietetic Internship Application

The CWU DI participates in the DICAS online application process. Applicants must also complete a supplemental application form and application fee (see following link)

Detailed instructions on application to the CWU DI are found HERE.

Computer Matching

All applicants to the CWU DI must participate in the computer matching process through D&D Digital. Full instructions can be found at This process must be completed prior to the mid February deadline for internship applications. 

D&D Digital Systems
304 Main Street
Ames, Iowa 50010
(515) 292-0490

Program Rotation Sites

Dietetic Interns complete their supervised practice experiences in a variety of sites under the direction of internship preceptors. At the current time, interns are placed in three locations: - Yakima Valley, Wenatchee, and the Tri-Cities. In each of these areas, the internship utilizes various health care facilities including hospitals, community clinics, health departments, and school district child nutrition service programs. The Yakima Valley and Wenatchee are located in the midst of the Washington fruit and wine country. The Tri-Cities is located further southeast of Ellensburg near the Columbia River.

Every attempt is made to assign students to one of the three areas they prefer and have them complete their supervised practice activities with a limited amount of commuting. However, commuting distances vary within the areas and it is not always possible for the intern to obtain the location they prefer. Additionally interns need to be prepared for commuting to include winter driving conditions.

View Dietetic Internship Rotations HERE.

Program Completion Requirements

  • Satisfactory performance on competencies in each of the supervised practice rotations
  • Complete each rotation in the scheduled sequence and within the designated time
  • Achieve a C or better in each didactic course
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher (4.0 scale)
  • Interns must complete the required hours of supervised practice and demonstrate satisfactory performance and competency throughout program rotations as evaluated by CWU faculty members and facility preceptors. Supervised practice evaluations are completed at the conclusion of each rotation with mid evaluations for the longer rotations.
  • Completion of 4 hours of HIV/AIDS educational material

After successful completion of the program requirements, interns are provided with copies of the Verification Statement for completion of the Dietetic Internship. The Verification Statement is required to be eligible to take the AND registration exam for dietitians offered by the Commission of Dietetic Registration (CDR). After passing the RD exam, intern graduates are eligible to apply for the designation of Certified Dietitian in the state of Washington. Further information on certification can be found at states will have state specific requirements for licensure/certification.

The Curriculum

The DI Program is a 14-month (five quarter) program that begins each summer quarters. The student will complete 23 credits of course work during two summer sessions. During the fall, winter, and spring quarter, the student will complete 54 credits of supervised practice experience.



*Summer: Year One

NUTR 541:Applications in Dietetics5
*NUTR 543: Advanced Nutrition & Biochemistry3
*NUTR 545: Advanced Studies in Developmental Nutrition4

Fall: Year One

NUTR 492a: Dietetic Practicum18

Winter: Year One

NUTR 492b: Dietetic Practicum18

Spring: Year One

NUTR 492c: Dietetic Practicum18

*Summer: Year Two 

*NUTR 598: Special Topics TBD3
*NUTR 547: Nutrition Update3
HR 381: Management of Human Resources5

*Summer courses alternate each summer.  For example, NUTR 543 & 545 will be offered Summer 2015 and NUTR 598 & 547 will be offered Summer 2016.  Order of (*) summer courses vary depending on your specific start date.  You will be notified of your summer offerings if you are matched to our program. 

Approximate Program Costs

Program costs are calculated based on tuition and fees of 2014-2015 (current tuition can be found here). Any of these costs may change without prior notice. The Dietetic Internship faculty and staff make every attempt to minimize costs to the student while maintaining quality of the program. Additional costs are associated with resources such as references that are considered to be essential for successful completion of the internship.

  • Dietetic Internship Application Fee: $35
  • Central Washington University Application Fee: $50
  • Computer Matching Fee: $50
  • DICAS- web application fee: $40 for first school + $20 per other schools applying to
  • Tuition  + Fees (3 quarters and 2 summers)
    • Residents of the State of Washington: $14,074
    • Nonresidents of the State of Washington: $27,610
  • IT Fees: $200
  • Summer Tuition breakdown (2 summers)
    • Registration: $80 ($40 per quarter; two summers)
    • Summer Tuition: $6803.40 for 23 credits
    • Textbooks: $750-$1000 (varies depending on what student has available from past education)
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $20 per year
  • Housing: varies; however, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments rent for $350-$750 per month + utilities
  • Health insurance: varies
  • AND Affiliate Membership: $50
  • Professional Meetings: Variable
  • Immunization shots form needs to include the following: diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox immunity titer, hepatitis B immunity, or titers proving one has the antibodies, flu vaccine and up-to-date annual PPD testing with history of a two-step procedure included. Therefore, cost varies depending on what the person has up to date.
  • Two transcripts: one for the application and one for the nutrition department cost varies from school to school
  • Transportation: varies depending on where you are living but a car is required.
  • Car insurance: varies depending on provider
  • HIPAA, CPR, food handlers permit, background checks, drug test $275


*All candidates are required to apply through a computer matching service for selection to the DI program. Information is available from the DPD director or

*All applications must be submitted through the online service at

*Housing information for campus living may be obtained from Housing Services, CWU, 400 University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926-7513, (509)963-1831 or on the internet at

Financial Aid and Loan Deferment

As enrolled students, CWU Dietetic Interns may qualify for financial aid and loan deferment. Interns are referred to for further information on their specific eligibility and the application process. Information on CWU Scholarships can be found at

Please direct any questions to Assistant Professor and Dietetic Internship Director, Dana Ogan:


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