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Dietetic Internship Rotations

List of rotations are included as part of the dietetic internship:

Medical Nutrition Therapy - 11 weeks

Over an eleven-week period, the dietetic intern will gradually assume the responsibilities of the clinical dietitian and will develop the competencies for an entry-level dietitian. Medical nutrition therapy is completed in smaller community hospitals as well as larger hospitals, so the dietetic intern obtains a well-rounded experience.

Renal Nutrition - 2 weeks

The dietetic intern will spend two weeks working with a registered dietitian in an outpatient renal dialysis unit. During this time, the intern will have an opportunity to work directly with patients undergoing dialysis and provide appropriate nutrition therapy.

Community Nutrition - 8 weeks

Over a seven-week period, the dietetic intern will actively participate and gradually assume the responsibilities of a dietitian in a community clinic. The intern will provide nutrition care to WIC clients and clients needing medical nutrition therapy education.

One additional week is spent in one or more of the following community settings to determine how nutritional services are provided - a diabetic clinic, an outpatient clinic for individuals with cancer, an infusion care program for individuals receiving home enteral & parenteral nutrition, and other home health care providers.

Foodservice Management- 9 weeks

Over a nine-week period, the dietetic intern will actively participate in the responsibilities of a dietitian or food service manager in a public school or other foodservice. During this rotation the intern will have an opportunity to develop his or her foodservice management skills including skills in menu planning, food production and service, food and equipment purchasing, and human resource management.

Hospital Foodservice Management- 3 weeks

During the time spent in the healthcare setting the dietetic interns will also spend 3 weeks in hospital foodservice. This experience will include food production and service, quality assurance, foodservice sanitation, menu planning, and budgeting. This also gives the intern an idea of hospital diets, regulations etc. that go along with them that will be useful when they start their clinical rotation at the hospital.

Long Term Care - 2 weeks

Two weeks will be spent working with a consulting dietitian or dietary manager in long-term care and providing nutrition care to patients in this setting.

Elective Week - 1 week

A one-week experience allows the dietetic intern to design an individual rotation, to explore an area of dietetics where registered dietitians are employed or could be employed, stay longer in a rotation they feel they didn't get enough experience in or stay in a rotation they highly enjoyed.

Please direct any questions to Assistant Professor and Dietetic Internship Director, Dana Ogan:

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