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Approximate Program Costs

Program costs are calculated based on tuition and fees of 2021.22 (current tuition can be found here). Any of these costs may change without prior notice. The Dietetic Internship faculty and staff make every attempt to minimize costs to the student while maintaining quality of the program. Additional costs are associated with resources such as references that are considered to be essential for successful completion of the internship.

  • Application Fee (CWU, DICAS, D&D): varies, typically $150-200 total
  • Tuition  + Fees (3 quarters as post-bacc/undergrad)

             -Residents of the State of Washington: ~$8,685 (~$2,895/qtr)

             -Nonresidents of the State of Washington: ~$25,212 (~$8404/qtr)

             -DI Fees: $405 ($135/3 quarters)

  • Textbooks: ~$500 (varies depending on what student has available from past education)
  • Professional Liability Insurance: ~$15 per year
  • Housing: rent ~$700-1000/mo, plus ~$200/mo utilities (actual cost varies depending on site)
  • Health insurance: ~$200/mo (plans vary, student Health Insurance is available through CWU)
  • Academy Student Membership: $50/year x 2 years = $100 total
  • Professional Meetings: ~$500 (covers registration, travel, lodging)
  • Immunization/Titers: TDAP, MMR, chickenpox immunity titer, hepatitis B immunity, or titers up-to-date annual 2-stepTB testing.  <$500 (cost will vary greatly depending on what immunizations/titers are needs and the health insurance plan of the student)
  • Transcripts: ~<$20 (exact cost will vary between institutions)
  • Car insurance & expenses: $200-400/mo (includes gas/insurance, varies depending on commute)
  • Healthcare Provider CPR: $50-100
  • 12-Panel Drug Screen: $40
  • HIPAA/OSHA Training, background checks and document management via Castlebranch: ~$130-150
  • WA Food Handler's Permit ~$10


Financial Aid and Loan Deferment

As enrolled post-bacc students, CWU Dietetic Interns qualify for financial aid (as subsidized and unsubsizdized loans) and loan deferment, if loan limits have not been previously met.  Please see information here on types of loans and limits

In addition, the CWU DI meets the eligibility requirements to be a Dept of Education's Gainful Employment Program and is pending approval(10/2019): Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Interns are referred to Financial Aid Office for further information on their specific eligibility and the application process.

Information on CWU Scholarships can be found at 

All current CWU interns are eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship from the CWU Nutrition Shoudy Scholarship fund, which applies directly to their student accounts.

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