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Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science: Exercise Science

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science prepares students to enter career areas where the sciences of biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and nutrition guide healthy human across the spectrum of functional abilities. Potential employment encompasses corporate health-wellness programs, private health-fitness clubs, diverse non-profit fitness-wellness community centers, institutional fitness-wellness programs, private and government athlete identification and development programs, institution athletic programs, and professional organizations that encompass individual and/or team components. Admission to this program is selective and students must have completed the following courses (C or better): EXSC 254, CHEM 111-112 (including labs), PHYS 121 (preferred) or 111 and 111L or PHYS 181 and 181L, and BIOL 201 in order to gain full admission. Most pre-admission courses are also components of the General Education program. For optimal sequencing of classes in junior and senior years, all pre-admission courses should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Academic advising from program faculty during the sophomore year will facilitate timely graduation.

All pre-admission courses must be completed with a C or better prior to gaining full admission to the major:

Please Note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the degree program.

Pre-Admission Courses:23 Credits
BIOL 201Human Physiology5
CHEM 111 + 111LIntro to Chemistry + Lab5
CHEM 112 + 112LIntro to Organic Chemistry + Lab5
EXSC 254Foundations of Fitness3
PHYS 121 + 121L

or PHYS 111 +111L

or PHYS 181 +181L

Introduction to Physics+ Lab

or Intro Phys Life Sci + Lab

or General Physics + Lab

Required Courses:64 Credits
CHEM 113 + 113LIntro to Biochemistry + Lab5
EXSC 350 + 350LGross Anatomy + Laboratory5
EXSC 351 + 351LPhysiology + Laboratory5
EXSC 352Prev. Treat. Injuries4
EXSC 370Biomechanics5
EXSC 450 + 450LPhysiology of Exercise + Laboratory5
EXSC/NUTR 446Sport Nutrition & Weight Control3
EXSC 455 + 455LFitness Assess. & Exercise Presc.5
EXSC 471Sports Biomechanics3
EXSC 480Science of Resistance Exercise4

or EXSC 495C

Fitness Centers/Clubs Practicum

or Management Practicum

EXSC 495DLaboratory Assessment Practicum2
EXSC 490Cooperative Education - Professional Internship12
Elective Courses:15 Credits
ACCT 301Financial Accounting Analysis (*)5
BUS 241Legal Environment of Business (*)5
COM 345Business and Professional Speaking4
ECON 201Principles of Economics Micro (*)5
EXSC 456Clinical Physiology5
HRM 381Management of Human Resources (*)5
MGT 380Organizational Management (*)5
MKT 360Principles of Marketing (*)5
PSY 401Psychology of Sport4
PSY 449Abnormal Psychology4

(*) Completion of these courses satisfies the requirements for a Business Minor

Total to Complete Major:102 Credits


Four-year Plan for the Exercise Science Major

The following table gives a brief illustration of a typical four-year plan for successful completion of the Exercise Science Major.  Satisfying the requirements of General Education and graduation requirements specific to you are directed by the General Academic Advising Office and/or the Degree Checkout Office.  The Exercise Science Program has no purview over matters outside of the major.  The following table is merely a guideline.  For a detailed four year plan please click (Here).






CHEM 111 & 111L
General Ed
CHEM 112 & 112L
General Ed
CHEM 113 & 113L
General Ed


PHYS 111 & 111L or
PHYS 181 & 181
General Ed
BIOL 201      
General Ed
EXSC 254
EXSC 350 & 350L
General Ed


EXSC 351 & 351L
EXSC 352
EXSC 446
EXSC 370
EXSC 450 & 450L
EXSC 471
EXSC 495 A or B
Electives (5)


EXSC 455 & 455L
EXSC 480
Electives (5)
EXSC 456
EXSC 495 D
Electives (5)
EXSC 490
















Valuable Resources for Current Exercise/Fitness Professionals or Those Seeking Degrees & Certifications Around The U.S.



For Students Interested in becoming a Pre-Major Contact:

Pat Coffey
Bouillon Hall Room 205
(509) 963-3423
Call to arrange an appointment

Drop-in advising with Pat Coffey
Bouillon Hall Room 205
Wednesdays 8am - 11am
Thursdays 8am - 10am

For Current Pre-Major Students Applying to the Major Contact:

Dr. Tim Burnham
Purser Hall Room 103
(509) 963-1764

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