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Nutrition Exercise and Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science: Clinical Physiology

The Bachelor of Science - Clinical Physiology specifically prepares students to enter graduate or specialized post-baccalaureate professional programs in critical high‐demand, health­‐care  arenas and other allied health care professions. This degree also prepares students for advanced graduate study in integrated human and exercise physiology.

Career Orientations*

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physician's Assistant
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Sports Medicine - Athletic Training
  • Chiropractic Medicine
  • Other Allied Health-Care
  • Metabolic Disorder Clinics
  • Bariatric (Obesity) Clinics
  • Graduate Programs - Integrated Human Physiology
* Most clinical health-care professions require education beyond the bachelor degree level. Additional courses may be needed to satisfy pre‐requisites for admission eligibility to some graduate and professional programs.

Application to the Major

Admission to the degree is selective. All pre-admission courses must be completed with a C or better prior to gaining full admission to the major. An appointment is required with the program director in order to apply for this degree.

A major application can be found here or at the Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences Office located in Purser Hall 100.


Clinical Physiology Course Work

Please Note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the degree program.

Course Title Credits
Pre-Admission Courses (C or better): 20 Credits
CHEM 111, 112, 113 + Laboratories15
               or CHEM 181, 182, 183 + Laboratories
PHYS 111 + Laboratory5
               or PHYS 181 + Laboratory
Required Courses (C or better): 60 Credits
BIOL 355Human Anatomy/Physiology5
BIOL 356Human Anatomy/Physiology5
EXSC 350Gross Anatomy3
EXSC 350LGross Anatomy Lab2
EXSC 351Physiology4
EXSC 351LPhysiology Lab1
EXSC 352Ass. & Treat. of Athletic Injuries4
EXSC 370Biomechanics5
EXSC 450Physiology of Exercise4
EXSC 450LPhysiology of Exercise Lab1
EXSC 455Fit. Ass. Ex. Prescription4
EXSC 4550LFit. Ass. Ex. Prescription Lab1
EXSC 456Clinical Physiology4
EXSC 470Clinical Biomechanics3
EXSC 490Internship12
EXSC 495BPracticum: Clinical2
Elective Courses (C grade or better): 20 Credits
BIOL 322Intro. Microbiology5
BIOL 323Microbiology5
EMS 443**Myo. Dis, Aryth. Diag.4
EMS 444**12 Lead Electrocardiography4
EXSC 438Therapeutic Ex3
EXSC 446Sports Nutrition & Weight Control3
EXSC 452Therapeutic Modalities3
NUTR 433Macronutrients3
NUTR 443Metabolism and Micronutrients5
PHYS 112Intro Physics II + lab5
PHYS 113Intro Physics III + lab5
PHYS 182General Physics II + Lab5
PHYS 183General Physics III + Lab5
PSY 314Human Development & the Learner4
PSY 362Introductory Statistics5
PSY 421Human Neuroanatomy4
PSY 449Abnormal Psychology4
PSY 478Physiological Psychology4
** REQUIRED for Cardiac Rehabilitation Internship 
Total to Complete Major: 100 Credits








Clinical Physiology Program Faculty

Dr. Vince Nethery, Director,
Clinical Physiologist
Dr. Tim Burnham
Clinical Physiologist
Dr. Leo D'Acquisto
Dr. Karen Roemer
Clinical Biomechanist
Dr. Erich Foch
Clinical Biomechanist
Dr. Kelly Pritchett
Clinical Dietician/Physiologist
Dr. Robert Pritchett
Susan Blair, M.A., LAT, ATC
Sports Medicine
For more information contact:
Dr. Vince Nethery
Director, Clinical Physiology
Central Washington University
Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences
400 East University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7572
Phone: (509) 963-1911
FAX: (509) 963-1848