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Pre-Veterinary Volunteering

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It is important to have a solid understanding of veterinary medicine before applying to a veterinary program. Most schools require a minimum of 500 hours of hands-on animal-related experience. 

Volunteering Guidelines
  • Make an appointment to introduce yourself to the doctor or clinic manager.
  • Bring a resume to your first meeting.
  • Experience must go beyond observation effort.
  • Clinic supervisors or doctors should be able to assess applicant’s interest in animal well-being, work habits and personal integrity.
  • Appropriate settings include but are not limited to: veterinary practices, animal medical environments, commercial animal production operations, regulatory animal control and humane shelters, animal entertainment (zoos, etc.), or animal research institutions.
Local Ellensburg Clinics or Shelters

Critter Care Animal Clinic

Ellensburg Animal Hospital

Mt. Stewart Animal Clinic

Valley Veterinary Clinic

Ellensburg Animal Shelter
(509) 962-7246


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