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Pre-Veterinary Application Process

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Most veterinary schools in the United States use a centralized application service, The  Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS). VMCAS does not make admission decisions, but processes all applications.

Application Fees

The cost for a VMCAS application is $190 for the first program you apply to. Any additional programs you choose to apply to will cost $95 per designation. In Addition to the fee paid to VMCAS most veterinary schools also have a supplemental application fee due directly at the time of the supplemental submission. Fees vary by school and can range from $50 to $100 per supplemental.

Application Timeline

The VMCAS application opens the first week of June and closes by 1:00 PM Eastern Time, October 2nd of each year for the following year's class.  For early evaluations of transcripts, VMCAS encourages all applicants have their transcripts and VMCAS submission in by September 1st.

Letters of Recommendation

Be sure to register a minimum of three evaluators in the eLOR section as soon as you begin your VMCAS application to allow the maximum time for evaluators to complete your letters of recommendation(s).

It is recommended that at least one letter of recommendation be from a veterinarian. It is important for applicants to check with their top choice schools for specific recommendation requirements as this may vary from to school to school.

Be sure to verify that your evaluators have received the e-mail request and have submitted your evaluation(s) by 1:00 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, October 2nd of the application year. (VMCAS requires one (1) evaluation to be submitted prior to releasing your application for transcript verification, but veterinary schools require a minimum of three (3) total evaluations be submitted. See: Transcript Verification Page for more information)

Transcript Verification

Beginning with VMCAS 2014 (opening June, 2013), VMCAS will perform Transcript Verification on all submitted applications.   VMCAS will match your coursework section line by line against your official transcript to ensure you have correctly entered your courses. Applicants should plan on submitting their application, and have all their evaluations and transcripts into VMCAS by SEPTEMBER 1st, 2013 in order to allow time for their application to move through verification.

Send transcripts to:

                        VMCAS – Transcripts
                        P.O. Box 9126
                        Watertown, MA 02471


Most veterinary medical schools do require an interview. Students who wish to practice their interview skills should make an appointment with Career Services at 963-1921.

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