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What is Respiratory Therapy?

Respiratory Therapy is a growing healthcare profession that works to prevent, diagnose, and treat disorders of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Respiratory therapists work with medical doctors in a variety of healthcare centers, such as hospitals, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and patient’s homes, with all ages of patients, from premature infants to the elderly. If you have trouble breathing, or have a respiratory disease such as asthma, then you probably have seen a respiratory therapist!

With a 19% job outlook, respiratory therapy is a great career choice for those interested in working with patients with respiratory dysfunction. An associate’s degree is required to achieve the necessary training and education to become a respiratory therapist, however, bachelor’s degrees are also an option.

Our Pre-Respiratory Therapy program can help you gain entrance onto an accredited Respiratory therapy program by providing prerequisite coursework needed to apply. Because every program is different, please visit your advisor and compare prerequisites, as they will vary by program. 

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