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Interested in becoming a physical therapist?  Take some time to study these pages, then make an appointment with a pre-physical therapy advisor to discuss physical therapy (PT) in general, the choice of a major, prerequisite coursework, internships, etc.  Things to keep in mind regarding pre-physical therapy studies at CWU:

Pre-physical therapy is not a major.  It is a set of prerequisite courses that prepare you for admission to a professional, graduate-level physical therapy program.  Although CWU does not offer a professional program in physical therapy, it does offer all prerequisite courses necessary for successful admission to such a program.

There are five universities in Washington and Oregon (and many across the country) that offer graduate degrees and professional training in the field of physical therapy:  Eastern Washington University, University of Washington, University of Puget Sound, Pacific University, and George Fox University.  All of these programs grant graduate degrees and therefore require students to have a bachelor’s degree before admission.

Although no specific major is required by these programs, the most common and appropriate choices to consider here at CWU are Clinical Physiology, Biology, and Exercise Science.  While many students choose one of these majors, applicants from humanities or social sciences are also accepted into professional PT programs.  Choose a major that is the best fit for you.  PT schools are looking for well-rounded applicants.

Requirements for admission to professional PT programs vary among schools.  The information contained on this website serves as an overview of those requirements.  CWU advisors can guide your selection of coursework that will strongly support your admission, but they cannot be familiar with the specific requirements of all the individual schools.  Please check requirements for individual schools as you prepare your applications.

Realize that admission into professional PT programs is VERY competitive.  Successful applicants must:

o   Have a Bachelor’s degree

o   Take all required pre-requisite courses

o   Have good grades (most schools report GPA’s that average well above 3.5)

o   Have at least 100 hours of experience in a clinical PT setting

o   Take the general GRE (most, but not all school require this)

o   Apply by the appropriate deadlines using PTCSAS

 For general information about the physical therapy profession, employment outlook, and professional training programs throughout the U.S., visit the American Physical Therapy Association website (

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