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Health Careers

Pre-Health Careers Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about pre-health career fields? Take a look at the following frequently asked questions. If you need advising, please call 509-963-3423 for initial information and/or a referral to a knowledgeable faculty member.

Can I major in a pre-health field, such as pre-medicine or pre-physical therapy?

CWU does not offer majors in any pre-health careers field, but we do offer all the necessary prerequisites for students to get into many graduate programs that lead to careers in the health industry. We highly recommend that students seek pre-health advising very early in order to plan their route to success.

What should I major in if I am planning to pursue graduate school in a health field?

Students may choose any major on campus they wish. There are some majors that more closely align with the prerequisite courses for many graduate programs. For example, students often choose to major in Biology or Chemistry if they are pursuing pre-medicine. Or students planning to pursue pre-physical therapy often choose Clinical Physiology or Biology. However, it is very important for students to understand that graduate schools are looking for well-rounded students. You should pursue a course of study that you enjoy and one that could lead to a career in a field you find fulfilling should you not be immediately successful at earning a spot in a highly competitive health program.

What are some of the classes I should take right away so that I can graduate on time?

Pre-health careers students must understand that there are sequences of math and science that need to be completed early. Most graduate schools will require a minimum of pre-calculus. We highly recommend that students do not put off taking the Compass math placement exam. Students should be ready to fulfill their math requirements their freshman year. In addition, most programs will require chemistry and biology. Students must be on track to complete these requirements in a timely fashion or they may not be able to finish in four years. Pre-health careers students should seek advising very early to make an academic plan.

I am a transfer student with a direct transfer agreement. How can I complete my program in two years?

Transfer students must plan very carefully to take some of their prerequisite courses at their community college. Students should plan to complete at least through pre-calculus (or calculus depending on their field of study). Students should also complete the chemistry and biology sequences that are relevant to their field of study (please see individual programs for prerequisite courses). Transfer students should know that without very careful planning from the freshman year, it may not be possible to complete the prerequisites in two years after transferring.

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